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I apologize upfront as I am not a super technical person and have very little experience on forums. This topic may have been covered already but I can’t locate a thread. If there is one please feel free to direct me there.

My question is the following - is it possible to build park hopping into touring plans? My family and I are planning a visit in November 2018. We have pre-purchased 5 day park hopper passes with no expiry on a previous Disney promotion. We plan on building one or two rest days into our plans. I’d like to optimize/customize the full 5 days with rest time/days built in. We have the flexibility of hopping from park to park so how do I build a plan that has us at AK Monday morning and Epcot in the afternoon because crowd predictions suggest that one park is less crowded at a given time on a given day (as a totally random example). Its not that we MUST park hop, but we CAN, so I’d like to optimize as much as possible based on crowd predictions.

Or perhaps I’m too extreme a planner and need to just stick to one park at a time and hop only if we find its too crowded?

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Not exactly. You would build two separate touring plans to accomplish what you’re wanting to do. First build the AK plan for monday morning. Then build a separate EP plan. Each of those could be customized. They cannot be married and customized as one plan.

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PS You’re in TouringPlans now - there is no such thing as “too extreme a planner” :wink:


I see. Thank you @OBNurseNH

I had thought I could plug in my dates, my attractions, my restaurants, hit “go!” and it would build me my whole week! Wishful thinking I suppose :wink:

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What fun would that be, really? :wink:

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I can see already that I am now among my people! :laughing:


Welcome Home.

As others have mentioned, the TP sotware does not tell you which park to go to on a given day, let alone whether you should hop - that is left down to you. What the TP software does do is help you come up with the best way to tour a given park on a given day.

The software can help you evaluate hopping plans if you create a plan for each hop, e.g. if you are going to MK at RD and then hopping to EP after lunch, you can create a TP for MK in the morning and another TP for EP in the afternoon and see how well they work out for you.

That being said, I am not a big fan of hopping. I think that the time lost in transit wipes out any gains from going to a less crowded park, and may very well result in a far less efficient plan overall. However, for a family that would be leaving a park for a mid-day break anyway it might make more sense as the transit time would be lost time anyway.

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