New to FP. TP question

I will be able to make FP reservations in a couple days. I have made a custom TP based on the rides we want to go on. Should I try to schedule the recommended FP’s for near the times the computer has already placed the rides? Or do them earlier in the day in hopes of getting more FP’s later in the day?

I’d book FP earlier in the day so that you could get more on the go later.
You can then put your first 3 FPs into you touring plan and refresh to get an updated plan.

If you’re a morning person, definitely rope drop and get some rides done before the crowds build.

This worked very well for me for my April trip - booked my three FastPasses early in the day (usually starting at 9:15/9:30). Rope dropped, spent the first hour/hour and a half getting on attractions with low waits, then around 10:15/10:30, starting to use our FPPs. As soon as we tapped in to our last FP, I was on the MDE app, looking for additional FPPs. Especially in MK, I was able to get another 2-4 FPPs throughout the afternoon and mix those in with some of the less popular attractions (e.g. PeopleMover, Tom Sawyer Island, etc.).

Even at Epcot, I rope dropped Frozen, then had FastPasses for Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land and Soarin, and was easily able to get an afternoon FP for Test Track.

AK is less likely mainly due to the fact that there are fewer attractions, but there I’d say get one of the Pandora rides (FoP if possible), then get Kilimanjaro Safari and Everest for your first 3. You’re more likely to get Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, Primeval Whirl as later FPs than you are those other three.

For DHS, I have no idea what it is like now that Toy Story Land is open, but I’d say get Slinky, Tower of Terror, and Rockin Rollercoaster if possible. The rope drop Toy Story Mania and Alien Swirling Saucers (in that order) and try for additional FPs for Star Tours and any of the shows…

Of course availability of additional FPPs will all depend on what the crowd levels are like the days you are there. Key to getting additional FPPs is to get into MDE as soon as you tap in to your last FP, and keep refreshing (by hitting the time you’re looking for a FP for.

Another thing we did with great success was, if we were taking a midday break, try to get an evening FastPass for a headliner once we tapped into our last FP before the break. Did this with Test Track, Soarin, and Space Mountain.

Good luck!


Your last tip about getting an evening FP for after the break is what we plan to do. It’s been awhile since we were at WDW so wan’t sure about whether it would still work out.

When are you going?

may, starting the Tuesday before Memorial Day, and thru that holiday

We are going early January. I should be able to get FP’s tomorrow. I’m going to follow the computer suggestions for which rides and try to get the FP’s earlier in the day. Then I will plug those in and re-optimize the TP.

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