New to FP+ Should I make reservations at midnight?

Hi - We’ve been to Disney a handful of times, but not since FastPass+ was started. Is there benefit to getting up a midnight on my designated day to start making reservations?

Our day 1 is Nov. 8 (also the first week of free dining), so I was thinking midnight on Sept. 8.

Any thoughts or help is much appreciated.

We are taking kids - D5, D9

Thank you!!

Are you looking for any of the hard to get FPs? This tool helps:

I always wait until the morning since I do not try to book Anna and Elsa and I have been on 7DMT enough times that I do not care if I book it.

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Gree with @PrincipalTinker. If you want A&E or 7DMT, then definitely you should do it right at midnight. Most of the others are readily available a couple of hours later. Caveat - I don’t try for TSMM or any of the parades or fireworks, so I’m not sure if they fall into the “must do at midnight” category or not.

Thanks so much for the advice. Sounds like I can sleep in a bit!