New to Forums, New to Disneyland

Our first trip to CA will be in fall of '18. Looking forward to figuring out the forum, and learning all there is to know from all of you gurus! I can’t wait!

Welcome to the forum! I am no help with DL ( I am a certified wdw crazy person) but welcome!


Like @PrincipalTinker, let me welcome you to the forum!

I’ve done Disneyland 6 times in the last 6 years, so I have some experience, though you will also find people here for whom DL is their home park. Ask your many questions, the people here have LOTS of knowledge.


I am a DLR girl so ask your question! I have quite a bit of knowledge about DLR, however it pales in comparison to @lolabear_la


You know tons @carthy15 and are so great to help share it! But it is the truth that me & my family are die-hard, Disneyland-loving fools and go way more than is healthy and obsess about learning all about it that I can at home too.

Welcome @poohrn1962! Ask away! There’s less activity on the forum than there is in the DLR chat feature of the Lines app (can be accessed on your computer web browser as well). But there a some great knowledgeable folks in both places, it just might be a little slow getting responses.

Do your fall dates align with Halloween time celebrations at DLR (from early or mid-Sept-Halloween)? Last year DLR went all out with Halloween decorations in both DCA & DL and so it made an awesome atmosphere & Halloweeen is one of the most awesome times to visit the park.

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Since this might be our one and only trip, we have decided to spring for the Grand Californian. Will only have 2.5 (maybe 2 3/4 :slight_smile: ) days in the park. I am HOPING there is no Halloween Party to deal with. We did MNSSHP last fall in WDW, and would like to avoid that crowd, although decorations would be AWESOME! Just hubby and I celebrating our 35th. No kids, no grandkids, just a couple of old folks crossing a trip off of our bucket list, LOL!


So excited that you are making the trip out & how special it will be for just the 2 of you on such a wonderful occasion for celebration! And what a lovely setting in the Grand Californian. :blush:

Just a heads up there most likely will be Halloween party unless you’re going right at the start of the Halloween season (early-mid Sep). Parties start by the 3rd week of September & there are 3 a week. We did the party last year & loved it. I felt that the park was less crowded than normal in the day going up to the party & even during the party, the crowds were mostly in the lines for characters (we were too). But the walkways weren’t completely clogged & getting a parade & FWs spot was relatively easy.

However, this year the Halloween party is rumored to be moving from DL back to DCA where it first started. DCA has a lot more capacity & when they brought out the decorations to DCA last year they were amazing. But who knows what it will do to crowds… And DCA can’t do a FWs show so there wouldn’t be a Halloween FWs show as part of the party. Either way, more details will come out around July close to when tickets come on sale.

Do you know when the dates are announced for the Halloween parties? We will be there on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and parties will probably effect which parks we plan on visiting on which day.

Usually around July i believe. I found this…

The tickets for the Disneyland Halloween Party went on sale early for Disneyland Annual Passholders, Disney Rewards Visa card holders, and Disney Vacation Club members on July 17. Tickets will go on sale to the general public one week later on July 24.

Not sure how accurate, but seems to be inline with other things I have read.

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I love GC. Last year we stayed at DL Hotel because of DD dance competition. When we go back next year for same event, going to try and split between DLH and GC.

True statement…:sunglasses: :rofl:
OOPS…did I say that out loud??
But I digress…welcome to the forums @poohrn1962…there are a lot of good folks here that can provide lots of help and ideas…


Lol! I am so thankful that everyone here tolerated me and my craziness!


Haven’t been doing much planning, but I’m glad this thread is still alive! :slight_smile:

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That is the nice thing about DLR, not nearly as much planning!

SO excited, the Halloween party dates are announced, and we will be missing them completely! I know there are lots of party lovers, but we are not them, LOL! SO happy to be missing it!


I remember your mentioning that! A very big yay that you won’t have to work around that!!!