New to Fastpass - Does everyone have to book the same 3 attractions?

New to Fastpass. I have a party of four on our trip - myself, my husband, our adult son and his 5 year old daughter. While my granddaughter and I will want to do the Princess type attractions, I can’t see my husband or my son enjoying shows like the Frozen Sing A Long in Hollywood but be more interested in Rock n Roller Coaster. I am confused in regard of selecting Fastpass options. I know that we get 3 choices (and yes - I understand that there is a Tier system in some of the parks). Can I select one option for two members and another option for the other two where as this will count as one of the Fastpass selections for my group? My 60 day reservation day isn’t until around the holidays but I am trying to figure this all out beforehand.

Yes you can chose different attractions for all of you. Don’t forget about rider swap for rides like RnR and Everest so you can ride too. That being said don’t discount the frozen sing a long. It has a bunch of discreet adult humor. My brother thought it was hilarious.

I agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney my 24 year old son lived the Frozen sing along. We were both surprised by how much we enjoyed it. When you go to book FPs it asks you who you are booking for. If you want to ride a coaster you can book for example two for RnR and two for Disney Junior. You will all go to the FO line and tell them you want a rider swap. The two going on that will get a lanyard and when they get on the ride the cast member will give them a ticket so you can ride with someone else later if you want (or they can ride again).