New to actually using a touring plan

Trying to make a plan for a late day arrival with 2 pre-teens. We have breakfast plans at Kona at 10:50am on arrival day, and plan to go to MK afterward. FP day is tomorrow and when I try to create a plan, it says something about FP 4/10 for GROUP 1. What does this mean? I am really sorry this is such a newbie question. I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere? I want to plan an arrival at MK at around 1pm and FP 7DMT, BTMRR, and HM. Thank you and again, sorry if this is an obvious answer. I’m really confused. Use lines app all the time for crowd calendar and hours, as well as for when I am actually at the park, but haven’t actually utilized a TP (yikes) yet.

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LOL Honestly I’ve never figured out what that means either!

I say ignore it. Go with your plan. It’s a good one!


I think the Groups are tiers, but confusingly Group 1 = Tier 2 and Group 2 = Tier 1 (and all at MK are Group 1 because there are no tiers). I’m not sure what 4/10 means in this. I think you can ignore it.

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i think the 4/10 - means it should be your 4th priority out of 10 possibilities for obtaining a fast pass in that particular group or tier.

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