New ticket pricing? Buy now or later for Jan 2019?

I got an email from another group that the structure for ticket pricing is changing. Is that true? If so, should I buy now or later for a trip late Jan 2019? Looking at 7 day hoppers.

Did you hear about the ticket price changes? This week Disney announced that ticket prices at Walt Disney World were going to be changing a bit beginning October 16. Instead of Magic Kingdom having a higher price, all parks would be the same price . BUT it’s not that simple (it’s never that simple).

Starting October 16, ticket prices will vary based on the particular day . And whether that price is lower or higher depends on how popular the day is expected to be. Disney will be using an “interactive calendar” to determine ticket pricing.

This is going to change the way we buy tickets, folks.

For those of you who love to plan ahead, this will probably be great – you can choose dates based on lower pricing (if you wish) and get more bank for your buck. And you’re going to need to know both the exact amount off days you plan to spend in the parks as well as the exact date you intend to use your tickets.

Those of us who prefer more spontaneity and tend NOT to plan in advance will find it less helpful , I think.

Another thing this change means is that we’re going to need to use our tickets more intentionally . Right now, all multi-day tickets to Walt Disney World can be used within 14 days of the first day you used it. But starting October 16, tickets will have specific usage windows based on their length of use. It’s unclear exactly how much will change, but it doesn’t looks like all multi-day tickets are going to have that 14 day usage window.

One good thing about the new system is that it’s going to be easier to know when Disney expects fewer crowds simply by looking at their interactive calendar. Lower prices = lower projected attendance.

If you know you’re going to Walt Disney World soon, you may want to consider getting your tickets BEFORE October 16 to avoid all of this. Tickets purchased now won’t expire until the end of 2019.

It is true. The general discussions I had heard at first was that no one knew if they would always be more. In the last few days I was listening to a podcast that had some numbers. They said all tickets would be more than now.


I can only seem to find info on day passes. Starting at $109 up to $129. Are you hearing anything specific to hopper passes?

They could go up (most likely). They could go down (long shot, but not without precedent). But the safest thing to do is buy now to lock in your price. Worst thing to happen is you might end up paying slightly more than you COULD have, but you’re still just paying the price you probably were planning anyhow.

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Mousesavers is recommending purchasing tickets now. Don’t wait to possibly save a few dollars. If you happen to be in one of those lower weeks, how much will you really save?

Check out the announcement here:

And the video (from the announcement above)

I believe it was Tim Grassey on the ETicket Report that was quoting numbers. Unless I misunderstood, he said the lowest price season was an increase.

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I chatted WDW direct they said:

It will not affect your Park Hopper Tickets, strictly 1 Day, 1 Park, Base Ticket Prices.

So I am ok to wait a bit longer! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

But aren’t you looking at a 7 day hopper?

This is interesting, and doesn’t seem consistent with all the reporting going on since everything announced so far relates to MULTI DAY tickets. (Not sure about the Park hopper part.)

Oh, I definitely misread her comment as it won’t affect the 1 day tix. You are right, this DEFINITELY affects multi-day tickets.

You know (again, all conjecture), but I could kind of see WDW holding off on raising ticket prices on Park Hoppers.

I think a good portion of folks don’t pay to upgrade to Park Hoppers. It adds quite a bit, after all. But if the price of the base tickets increases enough, people might just say, “Well, it isn’t that much more for Park Hoppers” and so be willing to pay for the upgrade when before they wouldn’t.

So, it becomes a win-win for WDW…the higher base ticket prices might drive MORE people to the more expensive Park Hoppers without ever having to raise the prices on the Park Hoppers.

Of course, come February (or whenever) they will do their annual ticket price increase, and raise Park Hoppers then, I’m sure! :wink:

That is not true. I am sorry but that person gave you bad information.

The change to the one day tickets is that there will no longer be separate prices for MK. So a one day ticket for any park will be the same price.

Yes! I am getting conflicting info. Some say only the day passes are effected.

I’m guessing the misinformation is them confusing CURRENT rules versus what is coming.

Currently, it is true that the tiered ticket pricing affects only single day passes. It almost sounds like the cast member you spoke with wasn’t yet aware of the changes coming.

That’s not accurate information. At least as far as everything else I’ve read.

One word of caution: call center CMs are often not completely up to date in things and tend to be wrong about things fairly often

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I pulled the trigger today! Not really sure what I was waiting for, BUT the price at Broadway Ticketing has gone DOWN by $60 (for a 6 day base) since last week when I was looking. So now definitely seems like a good time to buy if you are on the fence!

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I also bought today for Jan 2019. Yay!!!

Anyone hear of any leaked info on what prices will be? Are we talking $5/day increases or 20%? I know Disney hasn’t released official numbers but wonder if anyone had heard anything.