New stuff at DW

So did anyone see the DisneyParks blog post about the new stuff at DW for 2019? Just saw there will be an Incredibles area and Mike and Sulley are going to be Meet and greets at HS. the Move It Shake It parade will be revamped. We all heard about the closures, but it sounds like it is making way for updates.

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I did just see this as well! I am super excited for Mike and Sulley! I do agree that I’m glad they are still focusing on non-ride entertainment. Fingers crossed!

(Though they better keep the Jedi training!)

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We aren’t going until 2020, so I hope Mike and Sulley stick around.

It read to me like it was all early in the year, I hope some of it continues to August when we’ll be there!

The HS changes with the Incredibles sounds like they’ll just copy what they did in MK with their dance party. Rafiki in AK , possibly b/c they are closing the conservation station etc down for some time.
We’re going in Feb so hopefully we’ll get to meet Mike and Sully, those are two we’ve never encountered.

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To me it sounded like there were going to be a few special things that would be a limited time, but for the most part, it sounded like they were all new things for 2019.

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Now I’ve read it again I think you’re right. I hope so!

So I may be a teensy bit cynical, or it could be that I listened to the Disney Dish this morning that talked about ticket price increases. But Len had warned mid-Sept was going to be ticket price increase/multi-day tier time, and he and Jim were discussing in the podcast that Disney would likely announce a bunch of new stuff right before the price increase in order to justify the “value.” My ears are perked! Something to look for.

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Well that is probably true. It happens quite frequently around ticket price increases. Still sounds fun though.

Do they usually announce ticket increases effective immediately or ahead of time? Wondering whether to go ahead and convert my room to package or wait–was hoping to go MVT route for this trip but I already booked room only b/c it’s spring break and I want what I want even if MVT doesn’t have something for me

Ticket price hikes are probably true, but I don’t see these “great new things” as that great considering what they also just announced they were shutting down…

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IIRC we usually hear a leak a couple of days (at most) before hand. I don’t know that Disney ever officially announces anything until it happens.

Some of the ticket resellers (undercover tourist, etc.) will usually have the old ticket pricing for a week or two as they unload old inventory.

I’m totally not trying to discount these offerings! I am extremely pumped for almost all of these. We are HUGE Monster’s Inc fans and I think my kids will be great ages for a new Move It, Shake It!

I just have had my ear to the ground for like 2 months to get a handle on the ticket price increase and/or multi-day tiers. This is the first lead I’ve had in a while. I am hopeful that we might get a day or two heads up first, but Disney will likely announce effective immediately. I will probably purchase from a reseller regardless but I’m hesitant to pull the trigger in case they offer a “value” mutli-day ticket that actually ends up being cheaper than the current price.