New Sorcerers need cards


Good evening,

I've finally got the Hoodlums on board for the 24-hour Disney day. One of my questions in preparation was for each Thing to name one new 'something to do'. Thing 2 wants to go eat dessert in the hotel that circles around (not GG, but there used to be another one in the Contemporary Tower, is it still there?). I'm going to have to work on this request.

Thing 1 wants to try SotMK. I am so excited by his enthusiasm for this one. I've been DYING to try it myself, but our trips are always so scheduled.

My question is--is whatever free starter pack they're going to get (and do they each get one - DS 12 and 8, and they WON'T share!) going to be sufficient for real game fun? I'm going on the nickel here (staying offsite, eating from backpacks, etc.), and don't really want to pay Disney premium $$$ on more cards.

If more cards are really encouraged, I'd rather pay for some duplicates here at Lines if someone wants to sell me a batch (or two - I assume each Thing can have different cards in his deck?). If anyone has any duplicates they'd be willing to part with, please let me know.

So excited! Now to investigate a MM share, and see if I can honor DMom's request for a spa treatment or Illuminations cruise (first time request for everyone, eh?).


My first visit to Disney World was in 1979 and I don't recall there ever being a revolving restaurant in the Contemporary. You do have good views of the Magic Kingdom and surrounding areas from California Grill, but the restaurant doesn't rotate.

For SotMK, I don't think it matters whether or not you're staying on or off site. Everyone with a park admission should be able to get a pack of cards.


Each of them and any adults in your party will all get a pack. The first time you go the fire station they will walk you through a tutorial of how to play and there is a sample portal in the station. They can claim one pack each day that you are in the MK and there are extra packs with a play at home game board available in many of the shops.

When you start the game it's on the easiest level. This means that you can literally play any card you want at each portal to defeat the villain in question. Once you've beaten the first round of portals (which is quite a few of them), you can claim another pack and choose to either stay on easy or move up to medium. Once they decide to go up to medium the card that is played actually matters, only certain cards will work on certain villains. For the easy level it doesn't really matter how many cards they have. Also if you find yourself playing after dark carry a small flashlight or put a flashlight app on your phone. Sometimes the lighting is too low around the portal and the camera has trouble seeing the card, but a little extra light on it helps it pick up and play the card.

Usually the entire party is on the same game. There is a key card you scan first at each portal and it's tied to your magic bands. If they want to play separately be sure to tell them that when setting it up. I'm not sure if it's allowed or not but you'd have to ask at the very beginning.


Thanks. Is it anything like Perry in EP where the game occasionally reminds you to let the other person have a "go"? Otherwise, I may have to set up Thing 1 with me, and Thing 2 with his Grandma.


There used to be something, but it could've been circa 1974. I've heard stories, and only vaguely remember through the hazy memory of a then-4-year-old. My mom says it was called Top of the World or something similar.

pencil2 No connection to WTC restaurant, honest! Apologies if I've touched any nerves!

edited to add::

Love Google!

Top of the World: Also known as the Top of the World Supper Club. It featured celebrity entertainers such as Carol Lawrence, Jack Jones and Phyllis Diller and dancing until June 29, 1981 when a show called Broadway at the Top premiered. The entertainment charge for this show in 1981 was $7.50 for adults and $3.75 for children age 3-11. Dinner cost between $9.50 and $13.50. There was a Sunday brunch (with the fondly remembered "make your own" strawberry shortcake) and lunch during the day. There was also a lounge for sipping drinks while watching fireworks. Top of the World closed September 30, 1993 and became the California Grill in May of 1995. The Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort has a Top of the World Lounge as a tribute.


No I don't think so.


Top of the World was the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary and as you found it did include shows, but I don't recall that it ever rotated.