New Snacks

Shaved Ice at the Poly was good (get the condensed milk) and reasonably close (good places in HI shave the ice differently) to what you can find in HI. Pineapple Linai was awesome: can get the dole whip float w minimal wait. The fries at the Golden Oak Outpost were yummy (had the brown gravy fries which is closer to poutine IMHO then Les Cellier).


Did the brown gravy fries have the cheese curds? Despite being a “foodie”, I HATE truffle oil, so the LC ones are a no-go for me. Does the Poly have the rum option for the Dole Whip, or is that only in AK?

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No rum option at the Poly. White cheddar at Golden Oak

Mmmm - sounds good. But eating lunch at LC, so probably no room for fries after…

“Liking” because I enjoy seeing other people who like good food but are not keen on truffle oil. I don’t really get the obsession with it.

Enjoy LT! What do you like there? Was happy e the pot roast and the Toffee Cake