New Skyliner Transportation

There seem to be 2 separate lines for the new Skyliner. If I am at EPCOT, will I have to go to the Caribbean Beach and change gondolas there to get to Hollywood Studios?

There are three lines. CBR is the “hub” and all lines go from there; you need to change lines there.

Line 1 - CBR to POP / AoA
Line 2 - CBR to DHS
Line 3 - CBR to Epcot IG, via Riviera resort station (no change required).

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You could (1) walk out front of Epcot and take a bus to HS, (2) take a friendship boat from international gateway to HS, or (3) walk

I do think the Gondolas will be a decent option. I think I heard it should take about 11 minutes - with a few minutes to change lines.

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That may be true. The boat makes multiple stops, so one stop to change lines on the gondola and potentially less waiting to board could make it faster than boats or walking.

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I wonder what the lines will be like? If you wait in line at POP and then at CBR it seems the bus could be faster.

The capacity is the same as a bus every 3-4 minutes. And the lines are continuously moving, there’s a cabin arriving every 10 seconds or so. The CBR to POP and CBR to DHS will take about 3-5 minutes, CBR to IG (Epcot) around 5-8 minutes, being conservative here.

And in any case, there almost certainly aren’t going to be regular buses from the Skyliner resorts to DHS and Epcot. So whilst you can take a bus, you’d have to change at one of the other parks.

Looks like you have a very detailed information about the Skyliner. Do you know when will it be open? Where can I find this information about the Skyliner and all the other means of transportation between the different parks?

Sorry, just saw your questions!

It has always been the plan to have them running before the Star Wars land opens. That hasn’t changed, unless something holds it up.

Operationally they could be ready from May, but full capacity testing using CMs will probably continue for longer. The best informed guesstimate continues to be July / August.

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