New since December 2015

Trip is getting close. I think this is more confirming, but falls under the constant fear of “missing something.” Last big trip was December 2015, so here is what I know to be new/different since then. Am I missing anything big?

  • Avatar Land (the biggie)
  • Rivers of light
  • Kilimanjaro Safari night ride
  • Tree of Life awakening show
  • Happily Ever After fireworks
  • DHS Galactic Spectacular fireworks
  • Muppets great moments in American History
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Soarin’ update
  • Alien Swirlin saucers
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Will miss Toy Story land debut–Oh well.
  • Disney Springs in general - Looking forward to Void VR specifically
  • Security moving to hotels instead of park entrances???
  • Minnie Vans (hoping buses will be OK still, and maybe not available at the PoP anyway)
  • Pop Century room renovations.
  • (New from other thread): the “rode all the MK mountains in one day” certificate


December 2015 was our last trip as well. I think you have a pretty good list there. A couple of other notes:

  • New MK welcome show at the castle (not train station)
  • New MK open procedure where you can get to the hub pre rope drop
  • Skipper’s Canteen is now open (it soft opened the day we flew out in '15 - still a tad salty to miss so close)
  • Pirates Red Head changes
  • You can now book 4th FP’s via the app and do not need a workstation on site
  • Mission Space new films - Green & Orange films are now different
  • Lots of closings but I guess those don’t really matter

You’ll be there before TSL opens? If so then Alien Swirling Saucers and Slinky Dog Dash won’t be open yet.

Damavs: Thanks on the new opening procedures, RD for every day at every park is a requirement! Will look up Skipper’s Canteen, had not heard of it. Yes on the Red Head, that will be interesting to see. Did not know about the Mission Space film updates, that is our FAVORITE RIDE, we loop it a lot each trip, something to look forward to. …and yes on closings, oh well.

polskamichelle:Oops, I did revisit after posting and did see those are not open yet, oh well. I was going of the Big Book lists and now see that is part of TSL, not outside it. Next time…


Skipper’s Canteen is just a TS restaurant at MK across from the Jungle Cruise. It shares theming with the cruise and offers a slightly more adventurous menu than the norm. If you love “the backside of water” type humor and slightly exotic food you’ll likely love it. If you find the Jungle Cruise super corny and only like basic American food you might hate it. We’re looking forward to trying it in July as something new and different, especially since the MK isn’t the greatest ADR-wise…

A couple of other “new things” that just occurred to me reading other threads:

  • Mobile ordering for Quick Service via the App (can’t do allergy stuff though)
  • Alcohol added to the Disney Dining Plan as a drink option (obviously only applies if you’re on the plan)


OK, I remember now Skipper Dan’s now, it was still under construction when we were there too. The tidbit I got from my DD who was a CM at the time was that if you hear any construction noise inside the park during park hours, they are seriously behind schedule. I remember hearing muted construction noises! We’re more on teh budget end, so limit TS food, but sounds intriguing.

Hmm, thought I had seen a post or two about mobile ordering for QS, but not looked into it yet. QS is a mainstay for us, so do need to look at that more. That is a good heads up!


More restaurants in MK that offer alcohol. Parking fee at hotels, (except for UK residents, who have until Dec2019)

Night-time at AKL, not just Pandora. They have a whole Carnivale thing going, with street performers etc.

Pirates scavenger game at MK I think is new since then.

security isnt quite at hotels from when we were there last week, but from what I understand, further out than before. I think there is security boarding the monorail at those hotels. If you take a bus to any park, you’ll have to go through security. we stayed at BW, entered EP through IG, then walked out to monorail and didnt have to go through security again to get into MK, if that makes sense.

Tate: Yea on parking fees, renting a car for a few days this trip, but booked before the announcement, so have a stay for this trip.

Nicksyme: Ah, just knew about RoL and KS night rides specifically, good to know there is more in general to expect.

Nslappin: OK, sounds more nuanced than I thought then. I saw posts about security now in between hotel-hotel transfers.but maybe that is just for monorail hotels then. We have one for an ADR at AKL, so maybe not effected then. Will still budget plenty of time.


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