New Rumor from Jim Hill and Len Testa on Disney Dish Podcast: HamoniUS to start at EPCOT by year end

On the latest episode, Jim Hill shares with @len that WDW is trying to get at least a partial version of HamoniUS up and running at EPCOT for the holiday season.

Bioreconstruct on Twitter posted a lot of aerial photos of the new barge construction going on.

WDWNT posted a summary of these photos for those not on Twitter.


Ugh. Because I opted to skip Epcot this December trip bc of the FW construction and the one fireworks show I wanted to see not being ready.
But, not willing to change ADRs or APRs until it’s more than a rumour.

Next they’ll announce Space 220 opening, another thing I wanted to try.


I felt like ir was an educated guess though vs info

I don’t do podcasts, so I can’t hear what was said, but I have trouble seeing how Disney could have Harmonious up that quickly. At least, not by early December. Maybe they can by Christmas itself?

I will just pretend I didn’t hear this, though, and assume nothing. If some kind of nighttime show ends up happening while we are there, great!

From the photos I saw of the barges, though, there is still quite a lot more work to be done.

I’m gonna post a quick summary.

Jim reports pressure is on WDW since guests are leaving EPCOT after sunset, with daylight savings time ended, and EPCOT closing time extended till 9 PM for the holidays, they need something to keep people in the park.

Some form of the show out on the water by Christmas.

“Management is pushing for this big time” but Jim talked with people in entertainment who are responsible for getting it done, they said “If you want Rivers of Light 2, you can have Rivers of Light 2”. Maybe not the full show but at least some kind of holiday-based show that gets the giant barge out in the water.

@len reported that he was in EPCOT last week and crews were still working on the barges at 6 PM in the evening.

That’s it.


I think this makes sense. I’m sure they are testing for something! Who knows for when but It’s exciting.

That would make me consider adding EPCOT onto this trip, which currently is only a two park day “mini” trip. I can hear my husband’s voice now, telling me “That’s one expensive fireworks show!” :crazy_face:

I think that means if you rush it, it will fail.


Yeah, that’s what Jim meant by that.

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Just a quick update from this week’s Disney Dish podcast with @len and Jim Hill.

The folks who talked to Jim about this had one simple request of Jim


Sounds like there is still a lot of work to do to reach completion and they don’t want to rush it.

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It’s nice to know they listen to the show. :slight_smile:


One day, when Jim and I are wrapping up the show, we’re going to do an episode on all the things we knew and were asked not to talk about.


I’m assuming this will include how Disney faked the Apollo moon landing


That was super funny

I will look forward to that one!