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Kinda related…is there ANY word at all that the horrid park hopping rules will be revamped further at WDW by then?


Here’s the link!

The only thing changing soon is that AP’s will be able to go to a park after 2pm without an APR ( except on holidays and MK on the weekend :roll_eyes:)

Which leads me to the thought that the 2pm thing is sticking around for a while. Maybe they want to see what impact that has on crowds before they change it? :woman_shrugging:


Yeah i knew about that change, I was hoping that’d there’d be some rumblings, rumors, whispers of even further changes.

Probably. Ugh, so limiting.

sigh :frowning:


I agree the 2pm thing is more annoying than the APR’s IMHO


Just conjecture, but I don’t see evidence they would change the 2 pm hopping time soon. Before they would do that, they would need to also change things like the 1 pm drop for VQs, etc. I also don’t think they would drop a time to hopping entirely…just move it earlier. If they dropped it entirely, then the APR sort of becomes useless…and Disney has good reason to keep APRs in place. (There were rumors a few months ago that they would drop those…but those rumors seem to have fizzled.)


It’s already useless. The only times it’s needed are super-high capacity days (ride openings, holidays, liner-meets, etc…) having them for every day is moronic.

I can live with an earlier one. 11AM-12PM would be perfectly adequate. Not ideal, but adequate.

As it is… Anymore I have a tough time mustering up the interest to go through all the chores of setting up a WDW vacation while still being hamstrung by these stupid policies.


To you as a guest? Sure. To Disney? Not at all. Which is why it hangs around… indefinitely!

To both.

APRs are always available, for all parks, now except in those instances I mentioned. So it’s not restricting attendance.

Tickets say (I think that’s already started or starting in april with the PH change?) what park people are starting in and AP (and PH) holders don’t have to say where they’ll be after 2PM. So it’s not informing Disney of location. The ONLY people it’s giving any sort of insight on are where Passholders are starting, which are a very very low percentage of guests.

So they’re sacrificing massive guest experience to track …10% of people(optimistically) until 2PM ?


That’s not why Disney uses it. They need it to judge how many people will be in each park, to staff accordingly…as well as to judge how many people will be in all parks so they price Genie+ appropriately. It is all about dollars for them. There are other ways to accomplish this, but not with the same pin-point accuracy Disney gets with the APRs.

The excuse that APRs are to restrict numbers into the park was really only true during the height of COVID. But in reality, it allowed them to replace FP+ with G+.


You’re ignoring that I just said tickets already do this.

Only Single Day tickets. I don’t think that is how it works with multi-day tickets. Or does it? If it does, then it could lead to the demise of APRs.

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:rofl: :rofl:

I don’t think that has been the point for a long time. Now it’s about knowing how to staff each park based on how many guests are planning to go where.

What @ryan1 said

Even if it doesn’t currently, there’s no reason it can’t.

There were questions regarding the multi-day tickets when they first announced this change, but details were still being worked on on when I last heard about it.

I agree…although…that is effectively just another form of APR. Only, then Disney can upcharge your ticket based on if you pick, say, more MK days versus AK days. So, if they DO make that change, it won’t be for guest benefit. And you’ll still have to pick a park. Only you’ll get the privilege of paying more for it! :slight_smile:

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lol I know that it hasn’t been the point, guys. That was my point. :rofl: I was pointing out their lie.

But secondly I seriously doubt it’s actually affecting staffing. You know better than most, they’re not staffing up even during the high-volume days. There’s a “staff shortage” and you still are having a tough time getting on the schedule.

I agree that the only thing it’s being used for now is basic tracking and boosting the price of G+ ( maybe adjusting park hours too). …And maybe some other “hidden” statistic to give to shareholders. But pretty sure “staffing” is just as true as “restricting attendance”.

Yeah that’ll definitely happen. And what’s worse is it will also make a case for keeping the hopping rules in place. Pay for AK for the low price then hop to MK at 12? Disney ain’t gonna like that (or allow it) one bit.


And there’s an Annual Passholder Galactic Starcruiser cruise discount that just launched too…so…liner cruise?


This is very sadly true. :confused:

UNLESS…they inflate the PH surcharge to make up the difference. Then we got a shot? :hushed: (we need a “hopeful” emoji)

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