New roller coasters

I was reading an article about the Jurassic Park ride at Hollywood turning into a Jurassic World one. I wanted to see if IOA was changing as well. They aren’t, which I’m happy about. However, there’s going to be a Jurassic Park roller coaster as well as a Hagrid roller coaster in Hogsmeade. Both are news to me.I guess I will have to go back next year, lol!

Here’s the article for those who are interested:

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I hadn’t seen that the new coaster in Hogsmeade was due to open in 2019, hope it’s up and running by August!

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I hope it is, too if not sooner! The last few years I’ve gone on spring break, but I would go in August if I needed to. Here’s another article:

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Thanks for sharing! It sounds good but it will have to be brilliant to replace Dragon Challenge… We’ll see.

Dragon Challenge was getting a little long in the tooth, so to speak. Lots of inverted coasters in amusements across the country that are way better then Dragon Challenge was. The only thing that really made Dragon Challenge (aka, Dueling Dragons) unique was when they ran them in dueling mode…but since they stopped doing that a long time back, and the fact that the ride itself was growing increasing rough, it was time to see it replaced.

I think the Forbidden-forest themed roller coaster sounds intriguing…and considering how much roller coaster technology has improved since Dueling Dragons was originally built, I anticipate it will be a great ride.

As far as Jurassic Park River Adventure, I thought the plan was simply to keep the same ride pretty much intact, but re-theme it to Jurassic World in the short term. Since they had closed it down earlier this year for Refurbishment, I thought that’s what they were doing so that it would open in time for the new Jurassic World movie. I guess that’s not happening now.

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Duelling Dragons was better, but Dragon Challenge was still one of the best for me.