New Rivers of Light

Been hearing mixed reviews for the new RoL. Opinions on whether or not to take a 3.5 yo and a 13 month old. Trying to decide if it makes more sense to make it an earlier departure and beat the crowds to the bus.

However good it is, I can’t imagine that it will be worth keeping kids that small out later for. I’d get the early bus if it was me.

I haven’t seen any reviews though.

We are going with the assumption that there will be meltdowns. I am planning 3 hours breaks in the early afternoon so that my DGDs can get a nap. With 5 adults, we may alternate who stays for the night shows and who goes back with the little ones. I would love to have the 3.5 yo see HEA and Epcot Forever, but common sense will rule the day. We have not gotten there and DD is already saying, when you take us back next time. Maybe that is the thought to keep in mind, we can do it next time.

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The new Rivers of Light was just “meh” to me. BUT I had never seen RoL at all, new or otherwise.

The upside: my littlest was sick of loud fireworks, so this gave him a show he could actually fall asleep to. In retrospect, however, it had been a long long day, and maybe we should’ve just left.

Evidence is the pic my wife took at the end of our evening:

Thanks for your opinion of RoL. I have not seen the old or new version. I have heard mixed reviews. An early night will most likely be the best choice for us.

My family went to ride KS, which is too jerky for me. ROL was a good place to sit and drink my Maharaja Margarita. When it was done (the drink, that is), I left.

Seriously, I’d rather enjoy a half-empty park than watch that particular show. It’s not bad, per se, but there are other things to do. I liked Awakenings, the projections on the Tree of Life, better, actually.

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Agreed. Tree of Life Awakenings is the last step in my plan. We can enjoy it without sitting for 45 minutes while overtired children and adults have meltdowns. Help beat the crowds to the bus, too.


And now I’m rethinking my RoL Dining Package!

Can you make it FotLK instead? I’ve heard so many good things about that i really want to do it.

We’ve seen FotLK, we have not seen RoL. We tried to do the dining thing last year too, but it got rained out.

We see FotLK every time, and every time we just love it. There’s not really a bad seat in the house. The last. couple of times we’ve squeezed in maybe 5-10 minutes before show time, and even though we were in the back of the theater, we could still see well. So getting there 20 minutes early, give or take, on an average day would probably still give you good seats.

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