New rider swop and scared guests

Has anyone had any experience of the new electronic rider swop if you have a child who is plenty tall enough to ride but scared to. Are they still allowing this? My 9 year old will not go on any “scary” rides. Thanks.

Did you see this thread?

I can test this for you next week. My 12yo won’t go on Space Mountain, TOT, Everest, or RNRC…with a possibility of adding in Splash, BTMRR (both of which he rode at 5yo), 7DMT or SDD.

I’m going back and forth if we will use RS or try to have him wait in line w/ us, use the chicken exit, and wait for us near the ride photos.

That would be super. I’m hoping my 11 year old will come on with us but wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my 9 year old to wait. I’ve booked Fp for us all in case she has a sudden change of heart but I’m not holding my breath. Thanks.

Thanks, yes I’ve read it but there appeared to be confusion about whether the scared rider had to stay there or not. Thanks though.

There have been reports that sometimes they have to wait in line and just go to the chicken exit.

But I don’t know if that’s universal or not. I’ll try and see if I can find anything.

Oh I hope not. I think she’d get really anxious if we had to do that. Thanks

I’ve heard you can also actually do a swap after everyone waits in line together. The non-rider waits with someone at the ride exit, while the first group rides and then they switch.

I will find out next week how it can work.

This is what we just experienced in 7DMT yesterday - we all entered the FP line together. I rode with my DD while my wife and DS waited at the side/chicken exit, then we swapped.

DD got to ride twice and loved that!

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