New Rider Swap Systme Question

I haven’t been to Disney since November, and I heard the Rider Swap system has changed a bit. Is it true that they load it onto your magic band now, and you only have 1 hour to use it?

If so, lets say I have a FP for 7DMT at 2pm, and I want to use rider swap option at rope drop around 9am, will they still load it on to my magic band?

Yes it’s on your magic band. You get it at the time the first group of riders joins the line.

Do you think they’d let me have a rider swap and a upcoming fastpass for 7dmt at same time?

Yes, the first group will get in line and the people in the second group get it added to their magic band - even if they are riding in the first group. If there will only be you waiting though, your FP will be redundant unless you’re going to use it on your own. You’d be better getting a FP that both you and the too small child can ride, unless you’re outnumbered by small children and can’t do another ride.

Assuming you mean at 2pm that is. If you’re talking about at 9am, no problem having the later FP, yes you can have a rider swap too.

Yes, we will have a FP around 2pm. We love 7dmt, so planning on rope dropping on a EMH to get to it, and ride twice in one day. DH, DD and myself will all ride, but DS is not tall enough.

So I would get a FP for you and DS for something else at 2pm then he can have fun instead of just waiting, then when you all meet up you can ride with DD. Make sure you both get it added to your band. When you do it in the morning waits should be short enough for most Fantasyland rides for you to do something else while you wait and then again, you ride with DD.

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My sister is just coming with us for the day so she will not have a magic band. Can she still do rider swap?

Yes anyone can do it. They’re not putting it on your magic band, they’re actually putting it on your MDE account. So she’ll use her ticket which is how she accesses her MDE account.