New restaurant replacing Captain's Grille

Any idea when the new restaurant is opening? Captain’s Grille booking options have been removed from MDE so they must be getting ready to close that (if it hasn’t already closed from it’s temporary location) and open the new one. I heard the new one is going to be called Ale & Compass.

Has anyone heard when it is actually going to open or when ADR’s will open up for it? It’s still not mentioned as a restaurant under Yacht Club.

This is the latest news I’ve seen regarding it

Mostly talks about the Yachtsman breakfast and lunch options available. No oficial opening date given, but previously Disney had said “October 2017”…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, they are taking breakfast (and lunch) reservations at Yachtsmans Steakhouse until November 1st. Wish they would announce when the new Ale and Compass TS opens. Maybe it’s Nov 2nd?

I actually like the breakfast and lunch menu at Yachtsmans, so wouldn’t mind a breakfast or two there either (and maybe a lunch). We are there at the beginning of December

I read on it opens Nov 26th.

On the Disney site, you can indeed book from the 26th. The calendar has all dates until then greyed out.

Thanks all for your replies. We got both a breakfast and a lunch at the new Ale & Compass restaurant. Sad it isn’t a buffet and menu like Captains Grille was bit the new menu looks nice, so looking forward to trying it.

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