New Poly DVC villas photos

WDWMagic has some photos of the new, over-water DVC villas at the Poly.

Doesn’t look like they’re finished with the exterior work. But what’s there doesn’t look very attractive. More like Fort Wilderness cabins with a pitched roof and stilts.


Nice! Bet they are pricey.

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ohhh and ahhh. They are going to be nice when they are finished but I don’t know that I ‘get’ the overwater concept in water that should not be swam or even walked in.


Isn’t the whole point of “real” over water resorts that you can watch the fish and see to the bottom of the water. Not sure this has the same appeal.

Who’s running the pool for picking the first date a guest goes pitching over the side?


I have seen pictures of some of the over the water villas in places like Tahiti and Bora Bora. I hardly think the Lagoon is comparable. Yes, you have a view of the castle and fireworks but one splash of the water and BAM! You have a flesh eating ameoba. Not my cup a tea.


Now now, I must defend my home state. It’s a brain-eating amoeba. Even then, one really only needs to worry if you snort up lagoon water like Tony Montana in front of a pile of yayo.


I have to agree with you. Not to be claiming sour grapes (because the chance of us affording them is nil) but they are pretty underwhelming

DH talks about these amoeba constantly and is developing a real fear of lakes. Good thing we can’t afford these things anyway! (Plus, they look pretty blah)

@Lentesta - Any guesses on how many points to book a week in a Poly “bungalow” during Christmas? Maybe I don’t want to know :scream:

Location, location, location - Seven Seas Lagoon, baby.

@pirategirl007 - I remember when there used to be swimming! A roped off area in the lagoon :tropical_fish:

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Boy, how things have changed/are changing at the Poly. Kind of off topic, but here is a photo @irenek posted over on “Classic” Lines Chat of her parents and grandmother at the Poly back in 1983. Tikiman Pages on FB posted it too.

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are we sure you dont have a third eye now?


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Dating myself…yes I remember that very well. Early 70’s

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It will take just one too many lapu lapus and then splash…


I’d be willing to check it out of someone wants to send me there!

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Ha! Decreased brain cells only. Maybe college did that though :wink:

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My first though when I saw the pictures was “double-wides on docks”. But I’ll reserve final judgement until after they are complete; there may be some very cool artwork planned for the exterior walls, decorative railings, flower baskets, etc. And I’m sure that the landscaping leading up to them will be beautiful…

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of blue food coloring it would take to make 7 Seas Lagoon look like Tahiti…


Seriously. Not tempting me