New Poll: Waiting for ___(blank)____ before my next visit to WDW, I'm just curious

There has been a lot of talk on here about the low crowd levels. With all changes and the new things coming and many say they are delaying a WDW trip and that is why attendance is lower. I was wondering if this is true and how many are delaying their trip and why. Figure I will give one of these polls a try. :grinning:

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

  • New Skyliner to open
  • New Epcot Forever Show to start
  • Rise of the Resistance to open
  • Space 220 Restaurant to open
  • Ratatouille to open
  • Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway to open
  • Waiting for the 50th Anniversary (Tron, Guardians, Etc)
  • Waiting for Epcot to be completely rebuilt
  • Never going back, too crowded, pricey, etc
  • Who’s waiting, I’m already going next week, month, year, etc
  • None of the above

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Guess my answer could also be waiting to RotR. Going December 2019. We decide that time to take advantage of SWGE opening. Booked DVC @11 months before any SWGE opening dates announced.

I’m waiting for my flight on Monday. This is just a 2 day girls’ trip, and it was planned around a previously planned trip Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

The next one after that is 1/23, and that was not planned with anything in mind except best times when people could travel (outside of holidays) before banked DVC points expire in February. We knew SW:GE would be open by then, and the Skyliner and Riviera Resort (we’re having dinner there one night, just to check it out) would be done but that didn’t factor into our planning process at all.

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I had to answer that I already have a trip planned. (Two actually.) But the question is what will we do AFTER those trips? I’m not sure at this point. Ideally wait until everything mentioned on that list is done. But we shall see.

Other—Waiting to pay off my credit card from last trip…LOL


I go every other year. Not timing for any particular attraction.

We are planning to buy a house next summer in Fl so I am forced to be a responsible adult and save money til then. Otherwise I am waiting to time my next trip with an Epcot festival because that’s something I haven’t experienced before. I don’t think I would delay a trip for anything on this list because I could just do those next trip. It might be different if it were a once in a lifetime trip.

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There will always be new attractions announced on the horizon! You just have to visit as often as circumstances permit and enjoy what is available. If you know an attraction that you really want to see is opening right around your next visit, obviously you should shift the dates a tad. But otherwise you can’t live your life waiting around!

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Thank you to everyone for the answers. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Similar answer…waiting for more money in my bank account :slight_smile:

Not waiting for anything. We tend to do things long after they have premiered because I hate crowds and waiting. We go every other year for 2-4 nights.

Also not waiting for anything specific. We try to visit once per year and pick dates based on our work schedules and crowd levels.

Waiting for…a financial windfall…before my next trip to WDW. :laughing:


I already have a girls trip planned for November that has been in the works for a year. A trip with DH will probably not occur until 2021 after ALL of the refurbishments are done

I responded not waiting as we’re going in December. After that our next big family trip probably won’t be until after EPCOT is redone. We’ll probably do smaller trips in the meantime though so IDK.

We just went and weren’t planning on going for a few years anyway but we love Epcot so definitely want to wait for that to be finished.

Going in a week :joy: Before July I hadn’t been in 4 1/2 years, other than a single day before a cruise. After my AP expires (June) probably won’t go again for a few years. Waiting on the Marvel stuff to open before going to DL. Planning to possibly go to the Asia parks in 2022/2023

In a lot of ways, asking the question on a Disney planning board skews your answer. We usually have several years between trips, so when I’m not actively planning a trip I let my TP subscription lapse and don’t spend much time here in the forums. (I’d find it depressing to spend this much time reading and thinking about Disney knowing it would be years before I’d be back.)

But back to the question…we plan our trips based more on our schedule, preferences, and finances than any specific thing opening at Disney. We’ll be there in early November. That trip was planned a year ago, back when we thought GE wouldn’t be open this early. We didn’t even consider delaying it until new things opened–our trips there are infrequent enough that we’ve only ridden most rides once or twice; there’s plenty for us to do without new attractions.

After this trip it will be a while until we’re back. :cry: It’s a combination of rising prices and crowds (especially during the school break weeks when we can take vacations), my oldest not liking Disney much anymore, and wanting our kids to see more of the world than just Disney. We’ll be back, but it won’t be tied into anything happening/opening at Disney. No, that’s not true–massive discounts would get us back a lot faster!

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Hopefully … there was not much new for 15 years from '99 to '14. If not for the competition from Universal, I think we would still be in those dark years.


I am going now, because I have a conference in Orlando. But I am skipping EPCOT. After that I am probably waiting for the new Epcot and the new Universal Park, so 2023? Of course, if other life reasons take me to the area before that I would go, but I wouldn’t plan a theme park only trip until then.