New Plan— possibly?

I’ve written before that we have plans to return to Disney next Spring- post Easter and post Spring break crowds. Looking at the end of April. Traveling Party me, DH, DD6, and DD3.

I wanted to lay out a new plan I thought of today and get the experts opinion. All your trip reports keep me dreaming of new possibilities!

Fly in Wednesday around 1pm arrival.
Stay at Ft Wilderness Cabins
Explore/rent golf cart
Boat to contemporary for Chef Mickey dinner
RD MK until lunch
Spend afternoon at fort wilderness
Ride horses
HDDR, singalong fire pit
Change hotels to wilderness lodge Club level
Stay until Monday
Club level fast passes if they still have them.

Is this silly? Sounds fun and a neat way to stay in the cabins for two nights. Thinking if I’m missing anything.
Will it be a pain to switch? My thought is it’s right there- could even drop off our own bags.
Wanted to experience CL wilderness lodge—the pool and everything.

If we just stay at lodge, I was planning on HDDR but probably wouldn’t do the other things.

For those that have switched hotels what do you think? Friday we would go to Epcot and hop to another park. Naps will not be an issue by then, but a break will be.

I would be cautious of this:

“Starting August 19 , the Draft Horse Barn and Pony Farm will temporarily be inaccessible to guests until the new barn debuts in Spring 2020.”

Spring 2020 is broad and very undefined. That could impact your plans at FW. Know too that there may be a fair bit of impact to FW as Reflections construction gets underway

Aw yea that would have to change. Thanks fir the heads up. My kids love horses and that would have been neat.

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I’ve never had an issue with changing resorts. I check out and drop my bags off with bell services in the morning…by the time I’m finished with whatever park I’m at for the day, the new resort’s bell services has my bags ready to deliver to my room. …and that’s been at two resorts very far apart.
However, I do not take resort breaks. The only breaks we take during the day are extended TS meals.

Okay new new new plan. I swear we will book soon! Too many possibilities. I thought DH would love the cabin idea. He kinda likes it but would like it more for a future trip as he would like to checking out parks. Fair enough.

Originally when we were dreaming about trip #2 we thought BC would be great with the easy access to Epcot. I mentioned poor QS options—he likes the idea of just popping into WS for meals. Also food and garden will be going on so sounds fun to me.

So split with WLCL and BCCL is our latest thought. Can’t wait to stop changing and book the trip!!

Question for anyone who did BCclub level— was it worth it? And what would the quietest best view should we pick. @PrincipalTinker have you done this one?