New photos of current refurbishment work at WDW including Cinderella's Castle and EPCOT

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You got it!

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… why is the castle so peach?!? I do not like it. Castles should not be peach colored. :unamused: Are they going to paint the lower part the same color?

I have so many questions.


No… that is pretty much done. Very little left.

But it looks so two-toned! Weird. I agree it looks sort of toy-like. Maybe in person it will seem more cohesive.

I’m digging the gold accents though. I bet it’ll really pop against the blue sky.

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It looks a lot like the DL castle now.


Well everyone is going to need new castle pictures!

I am undecided if I like the new color scheme. IT looks more like Aurora’s castle with the new peach colors.

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Photopass and ride pictures aren’t going to be the same with masks.


It is important to document this historic time.

I plan to have pics with masks, but also where possible some without.

But I do not lament that masks will be in the pictures.


Hopefully in the future we can look back at these pictures like the cake castle. I think it could present a fun planning challenge of coordinating masks to locations.


So, so typical of the morally and culturally corrosive values of decadent coastal elitists, contemptuous as you always are of the heartland values of Real American heartlanders from the heartland of U.S. America.

Because the current “custodians” of the Sacred Spaces are louche degenerates like you, they import their degeneracy and force their moral relativism down the throats of the innocent, who want nothing more than to have pictures of those Sacred Spaces reflect the otherworldly magic vision the Most Holy Walt created for His followers. You and your fellow-traveling fifth columnists won’t rest until that vision has been thoroughly profaned by the “real world,” will you?

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We will not.

And we’ll take the cats down, too.

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OMG what makes this THE BEST is I can picture you saying it

Miss you!

I wonder if they chose that color because it looks better from the ground against the sky? A clear WDW sky is almost white, not blue, so using a darker blue may mean the castle will stand out better on a sunny and cloudy day… from the ground.

Thought I would add a few pics of the EPCOT reconstruction

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Yellow arrow marks the service tunnel for Innoventions

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It is hard to know how much work they have left there, but it would be nice if they could somehow manage to finish the EPCOT entrance fountain area before they open up to the public again.

I don’t hold out too much hope for the entrance fountain to be completed. They have left the fence up around it, if they anticipated it being complete by re-opening day it would have come down like it has for the AK entrance.