New passholder discount on rooms

Hi all. I believe someone just mentioned that new Passholder room discounts are out. I believe they are from early Jan. to Late April at select resorts. The discounts are 25% and I am assuming this is for Premium Resorts, 20% intermediate resorts and 10% Value resorts. Now I have some reservations for 2 weeks in late May but figured I might move these up to put on the back of a Universal trip to save airfare. Unfortunately. The page for this special is not working right and it will not display this special but rather goes to a page displaying Annual Pass renewal or purchase. Here is the interesting part. The room price I got for Pop for late May was $194 per night for 2 weeks. Now moving it ahead a month I find the price per night rose to $140. For me anyway this kills the Passholder discount of 10% for Pop if I moved it up a month. Kind of incredible for such a price range jump on those dates. If it was for the fact we live in ND and the cold of winter, I would still save as the airlines have went crazy for pricing during Feb. Can’t take the chance though of being gone three weeks that the heat might go out and after pipes freeze. Will stick to original plan for now. Here’s another thing folks, Pop Century has become more of a attraction due to the Skyway. We only sleep there so why pay more now that we can go directly to and from Epcot without having to cram into a bus especially at nights end. Therefore, our TA has advised booking at first opportunity to have availability. Have another stay booked for Sept. 2023.

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