New Park Hours

We are going the last week in March. I noticed that AK hours have been changed to 8-10, but none of the other parks have changed. They are still 9-9. Will the other parks probably change hours, too? When does that usually happen? Or did they just increase AK hours due to popularity of FoP? Any help from the past? It’s been 11 years since I last went to Disney World! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes, February hours just changed in the last week. Usually hours change about the 15th of the month before.

Thank you! I hope they change before my FP window opens on the 23rd! I’d love to have a couple of hours extra to try to schedule fastpasses!

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So for my trip in May, updated hours should be released on or around April 15th? Just checking for my sanity.

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Yes, this month I think it was the 13th but if you add a trip to your dashboard touring plans will send you an email!

I have already received an e-mail about DHS hours extending from 9:00 to 9:30. I’m very hopeful the others will extend at least a little. Fingers crossed!

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Remember everyone, if you get an email telling you park hours are extended in AK, it’s worth getting onto MDE and seeing if there are FoP FPs available for those hours. :grin:

You’ll need to modify Navii if you already have one

This month I received the email that the hours were extended on Friday and Saturday morning there was a large drop of FoP fast passes.

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