New October hours question

I received an October hours update. October 22 is listed as a 6pm closing for The magic Kingdom. That seems strange because the 20th and the 21st are MNSSHP nights. Why would it close at 6 3 days in a row? My parents will only be there three days and I was hoping to see HEA with them. Could this be a mistake? :disappointed_relieved:

So I checked Kenny the Pirate’s crowd calendars which seem to be updated before TP and are often more accurate. He is listing this as a “possible non-guest event.” So I don’t think that it is a mistake. What a bummer! :frowning: I’m going the following week but I am very familiar with the tetris pain of trying to fit in HEA.

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There always are CM recognition events around October and November. My guess is that’s what this early closing is, it’s always a 6pm close for them.

Thanks for everyone’s reply’s. I think we may have to reschedule. I’m bummed. :cry: