New Nightime EP Extravganza?

Was thumbing through the 2016 Unofficial Guide over coffee this morning and ran across this…"“Word around the lagoon is that a new nighttime extravaganza will replace IllumiNations sometime in late 2015 or early 2016.”

I last saw Illunimations in 2014 and hoping to see it again this December. By now, I’m sure the idea to replace it has died. Anyone heard if this thought is still circulating?

No I haven’t heard anything! But I do know that Illuminations shows in the schedule for our trip in about 8 weeks.

Lots of rumors over the last year or two that they are working on the show but no official word yet.

I hadn’t heard this. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me but if that’s true, it will probably be a while from now. Disney is going to make sure they get Rivers of Light going nightly without a hitch before they work on anymore nighttime spectaculars. It’s very possible they will start working on a new one for Epcot after that but again, it will be a while before we see anything. My best guess is if that’s true, you’d be looking at late next year/early 2018 before it’s ready.

This is a long standing point of discussion. There IS work being done on “something”, but no “leaks” on what that might be. They did recently upgrade the lasers in the past year, but most people probably haven’t noticed.

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