New NBA bubble - Feb & March

Just a heads up because there is no official announcement of this yet.

The NBA G League will be going to ESPN during Feb & March. And word is they will be staying onsite. And there has been a little chatter of people being moved from the Contemporary.

At this point though it could be any resort(s) affected. Whichever deluxe resort they decide to use it’ll also affect a DVC resort some way or another. Since they can’t actually turf people out of DVC rooms it seems to rule out WL and Poly. Possibly also Jambo although I think that’s a gray area. Both BC and BWI would be slightly problematic, BW more so. Doesn’t leave many other options - GF, Contemporary or YC.

We’ve seen them use YC and divide GF before. If they use Contemporary that would cut off Bay Lake from any dining, store or monorail access. BWI has a shared lobby and entrance, plus pools etc. with the villas. BC is in a similar position to the Contemporary re: the villas; they could cut off the villas though like Bay Lake. Not that inconveniencing DVC guests would bother them.

If this is happening mid Feb then there should be an announcement soon from Disney, especially since the NBA have tweeted it.

Interesting because someone was moved from CR due to a room refurb.

Any of the open resorts will impact guests. Why would they do this for the NBA “minor league” when POR/FQ is available?

Because that would mean bringing back hundreds of CMs.

Plus getting a resort running again, with dining and everything else would take a while. Oh and apparently, and this is hearsay, the closed resorts are not considered good enough. But to be fair they would presumably need facilities for training, ie: conference centre type areas. Port Orleans doesn’t have anything like that. Which might be what “not good enough” is alluding to.

You had the top tier NBA teams staying at CSR last fall? The teams converted space for weights/tread mills? Won’t the NBA be paying for the staff? With their commitment to the CMs it would seem strange if bringing back CMs wouldn’t be a priority?

From what I can find, most G league players make less than 150k. Many of the players at CSR made more than 10 million? (James and many others more than 30 million?).

I saw some rumors of WL too but you have two groups of DVC members using those facilities, and BC is in the middle of BCV and YC?

Seems like CSR and YC are the front runners.

And from this Forbes article the average salary is just $35K, although some can earn $125K. Seems like a few get a special deal though.

Yes, there are also players that get “two way” contracts.

Someone posted on Thursday that Disney cancelled their April TP view room at CR. They were told the Tower would be closed from April-September.

Did you here about this?

Wasn’t the Contemporary due for refurb last year at one point? Maybe they’ve decided to schedule it for this year instead? Although I would have thought they’d wait until the Poly and WL were complete.

I was thinking that the chatter about the G League was because of these moves, but I have only heard about April. It seems to be two separate things?

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That’s what I’m thinking too.

The timing for the Contemporary being closed doesn’t match with the NBA G League timing.The news about the NBA was from a tweet and is on their website:

Is there a post directly from a person moved from CR? I have a CR reservation in June, and am wondering about the CR refurb. TIA

There are posts in chat. They are starting with Theme Park View in April and doing one section at a time.

@SnowWhiteDoc, did you call?

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There’s also a post on WDWMagic.

Starting with Theme Park view rooms in April, moving to Lake view rooms starting May 15th. Garden wing not affected, nor is any dining or other amenities.

I’m surprised they’re doing this alongside the Poly. I think maybe WL might be nearly complete, at least by April.

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Thanks so much! Last summer I was moved TO the CR by Disney. This year I may be moved OUT of CR by Disney. It is kind of funny. I will try not to obsess about this situation.

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I did call this morning. They offered BLT or Grand Floridian. We said we’d move to BLT. Then she came back on and said, we can still move you, but for our dates it wasn’t affecting lake view, so we could stay in the tower if we wanted. She said what is posted above, that they start with theme park view on April 3rd, and move to lake view in May.

We chose to still move to BLT for a couple reasons. We’re hoping to not have to move with our split stay (last 3 nights on DVC points, same room type). Plus we get the kitchenette for the whole trip. She did also say that dining should not be affected.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for this information, SnowWhiteDoc. We also have a split stay, but we are moving to YC in order to walk to HS and EP. We are going in June, so I think I will call tomorrow. If offered, we will give Grand Floridian a try. I am going with DD and she wants her own bed instead of a pull out. Thanks again!

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