New Muppets show in Magic Kingdom

Did anyone else see this on the Disney Parks Blog?
“The Muppets Are Coming to Walt Disney World Resort This Fall in an All-New Show”

It looks like a live show outside the Hall of Presidents, starting in October 2016. I am actually really excited about this!


I’m so excited that they’re still taking chances with the Muppets even after the demise of the ABC show. I’m really curious to see if this show will be live puppetry or if they have animatronics. I know they’ve been working on the location for this show for several weeks as it can be seen from the street.

I think it’s awesome too! DBF loves the Muppets even more than I do so we’re kinda bummed it has an October open (our trip is sept). But I agree it is good that Disney is still doing Muppets stuff, like this and Pizza Rizzo.

I saw the same thing on WDWMagic. Might be fun. One of the other forums that I visit has a lot of “WDW as a museum of what was” folks and they’re having a s**t-fit over the fact that the muppets are ruining the historic purity of Liberty Square… They are not always a cheery group of people to “hang out with”…


I think this sounds like a ton of fun and ads some whimsy to a beautiful but rather whimsy-less (until you get inside the Haunted Mansion) section of the park.

I give it 2 thumbs up. 3 thumbs if there’s a “Bay of Pigs with Miss Piggy” part of the show :wink:


Starts October 2nd.


That sounds awesome, lol.

I can’t wait for this, we love the Muppets!!!

“historic purity of Liberty Square”

spoken by people who have no real grasp of what actually “historical purity” is… :unamused: Any history you get from Disney should be considered a bonus, not an expectation

I am so excited! I hope we get to see it on our December Trip!

Couldn’t agree more. If they wanted to be “historic”, the brown trenches in the middle of the street wouldn’t be painted on… :slight_smile:


Hahaha exactly.

I think this is awesome. First, because I love the Muppets and am glad to see Disney is continuing to use them in the parks even after the failed ABC show. Second because now with this little bit of “education” I can count Magic Kingdom as a school day for my homeschooled kids! :wink:


Haha we just made that same comment - as our kids are homeschooled as well. While we get ahead on work before we leave for Disney, because this is purely a fun family vacation for us, any added touch of education is nice nonetheless, and they can write about it when we are back. :slight_smile:

Very true. We school year round so taking a week off in November is no big deal but being able count a day in the MK and especially Epcot is just an added bonus. :+1:

Agree! :slight_smile: