New MK Opening and Early ADRs

Hi all. We are heading down to WDW in a few days. One of the things that we do every time that we go is get early reservations for Crystal Palace for one of our days at MK. The park opens at 9 and we have reservations at 8. We typically get out to MK around 8:40 and are able to get further back in the park. But now with the railroad closed, Disney is letting people in the park early and doing their show at the Castle for opening, as you know. Do you think that we will be able to get past the castle? For the two other days we have Be Our Guest reservations at 8 so that won’t be a problem.

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Those eating breakfast at Be Our Guest before the Park opens will still enjoy their advantage in arriving at Mine Train earlier than guests from the main entrance so long as they are outside the restaurant by 8:40am with plans to head over first thing. You’d also have an advantage at Peter Pan’s Flight if you prefer. And if anything, the advantage is slightly better as main entrance guests will arrive at Mine Train closer to 9:02am than the previous 8:52am when the Welcome Show began at the front of the Park. Guests able to rush through their early morning meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table also enjoy the same benefit, but the website maintains that it’s a lot of money to spend on a meal only to find yourself looking at your watch and hurrying through the experience. Those eating at Crystal Palace will have no advantage and will wait with everyone else until the Welcome Show begins at 8:55am.

I found this and it may be helpful to others reading this.


If I’m not mistaken, the benefit of early breakfast is not as big now with MK gates opening an hour early for Main Street with the rides roped off. It’s especially no longer helpful for people who wanted their solo time with the castle. :confused: