New MK Nighttime show "Disney Enchantment" and EPCOT Harmonious to premiere October 1st


The official word from WDW


I’m excited to see Harmonious, but I really wanted to see HEA again… Do you think the MK change is just for the 18 months of the 50 year anniversary, or for the foreseeable futrure?


That is why there is no Boo Bash the last week of September.

They are counting large crowds coming to see HEA for the last time.


No more HEA?? :sob::sob:


This makes me terribly sad.


I only managed to see it once and was looking forward to seeing it again.


A couple of things I got from the Disney Parks Blog post:

Cavalcades! They’re going to have a special one for the 50th! And that means they’re staying at least for now. Yay!

Also, jet ski kites are going to AK!


This is almost too much to process.

Same. I was a hardcore Wishes fan and was deadset against liking HEA. Then my DH and I splurged for DAH tickets during our January 2020 trip and got to see HEA. I sobbed like a baby.

And now I guess I won’t be able to see it again.

Oh well, here’s hoping I like Enchantment just as much.


This. :sleepy:


I’m very surprised they’re mothballing HEA already.

That said,

A new nighttime spectacular, “Disney Enchantment,” will help kick off the 50th anniversary festivities when it debuts Oct. 1 at Magic Kingdom Park. Created to launch with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration,” this evening extravaganza will take you on a journey filled with adventure, wonder and empowerment. Inspiring everyone to believe in magic, “Disney Enchantment” will feature music, enhanced lighting, stunning fireworks and, for the first time, immersive projection effects that extend from Cinderella Castle down Main Street, U.S.A.

This makes it seem like it’s already better than HEA. I always felt HEA relied way to much on projections centered on the castle. Which, if you didn’t get a good spot near the Partners Statue, the experience degraded from there in varying degrees. It was why I preferred Wishes as it let the fireworks do most of the work.

But I don’t hold much hope that those projections will be anything more than color changes and or “effects” zipping down Main Street (like Elsa’s frozen powers like in FEA)


I think I’m the only one not sad to see HEA go. It was far too disorganized - fireworks OR projections, but you cannot enjoy and appreciate them both at the same time. Or at least I couldn’t. The only time I liked them was when I was riding Dumbo and in that area and could focus on the fireworks.

The flying kites look amazing! While I did want to see HEA one last time, I’m intrigued by the idea of projections stretching down Main Street. :nerd_face:
That was a lot of information. Happy Tuesday!

Edited to add: Who am I kidding? I loathe the fireworks crowd. My favorite MK fireworks viewing spot is California Grill.

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What I don’t like is the Flying kites are DAY TIME.

Which could mean more of a resistance to night time extensions in Animal Kingdom, which is just a damn travesty.


Nooooooooo they can’t get rid of HEA!!! That’s my #1 favorite thing at Disney!!


They will probably close at 4:00 now. :laughing:

I’m trying to imagine what kind of jam this is going to create…because now the best view will be at the end of main street, near the train station, to see everything? Before everyone was crowding the hub…but now, if you are in the hub, you will not see the projections along main street, unless you turn around…and not see them on the castle.

And those who spring for dessert parties to see the fireworks will be out of luck? This may create a need for people to have repeat viewings of the fireworks, which will only make things worse, not better.

While I’m sure the show will be cool (when have they disappointed us in this area?), I’m struggling to see this as a good idea from a pure logistics standpoint. I’ll anxiously wait to see how it actually plays out.

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I have never seen HEA. My only scheduled MK time in September is Boo Bash. Looks like I’m never seeing HEA. I’m not sure I wanna rewrite my place to jump back to MK for fireworks.
As of now, I have no real opinion on this news.

not the BEST view, cause you won’t be able to see what’s going on at the castle, but it does make the Train Station area a good viewing position, as opposed to before where it was pretty much just for fireworks and seeing the castle color change.

This is good, it’ll spread out the crowd for the most part.

The dessert parties though, yeah they’re hosed. Right in the middle of “nothing”