New MK hours: Missing RD w/ group

We will be at MK this Monday, but hours were updated in last few days to an 8am RD instead of 9am. We are a group of 12 with FP+ already worked out and I am freaking out about missing RD that day. We could make 9am, but not sure about 8am with our multi-generational group.

All TPs were made with 9am in mind.

Help assuage my type-A fears!

In my experience, the crowds are still pretty low (comparatively speaking) at 9 on mornings when the park opens at 8. You might see slight increases in wait times, but probably nothing too crazy on any but the biggest headliner rides. Have you tried to update your TP? Make sure it is showing the new park hours, but leave your arrival time around 9:00 or whenever you originally planned on arriving and then “evaluate” it and see how much it changes.