New Mission Space Green

Can anyone who has ridden the new Green Mission and has motion sickness tell me how you did. I rode the old “milder” mission and I was green the rest of the day. I would love to try the new ride but don’t want to ruin the rest of my day. Can I just close my eyes and be ok or do the seats move thru out the ride throwing my equilibrium off? Also a little worried about FOP but I will try it because you just can’t skip that.

I closed my eyes and survived. That was in January of 2016. I’m not sure when it became “new”.

The new one started about a week ago. It’s a trip round Earth instead of Mars. The more intense spinning version still goes to Mars.

We have a FP for Mission Space and I didn’t notice when selecting my FP picks the different options for Mission Space. How do you pick which one you want to ride?

You just choose when you get there. It’s not separate at FP selection.

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Here’s a good article with a video of the new “Green” ride.

Sounds like the motion aspect is similar, but the visuals are much better.

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I didn’t even know they were updating it. I filed that ride under “did it once, never need to do it again.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you for the link bswan26. I think that it wouldn’t be worth it for me. I like the visuals much better on Soarin and that ride doesn’t bother me.

I am really trying to avoid spoilers because I’m excited to ride. I know they lowered the height requirement but anyone go on this with kids yet? My daughter is 6 and LOVES space. Would like to take her on but don’t want it to make her sick.

My 7 year old loved the orange version. I think you have to have pretty severe motion sickness for green to affect you. There’s no spinning.