New Marvel Character Dinner Announced

I think this actually sounds pretty cool! This is one area where UOR really needs to up their game, so I’m glad to see something like this on the way.

It does sound cool but that is more money than I expected?

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I’m not sure why, but I thought that Universal was not supposed to open new Marvel things? That whole relationship is so confusing! LOL.

For sure… comparable to WDW, but their character meal prices are exorbitant.

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I hadn’t heard that… I thought the Marvel deal was good until the end of days.

It seems closer to CRT than Tusker House or 1900 PF!

IDK. It is some kind of complicated mess - and just creates confusion.

The last thing I read about this was that Disney gets Marvel licensing on the west coast, but Universal retains it exclusively on the east coast. How’s that for confusing?

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But more confusing, Disney has the rights to ‘new’ characters, hence the Dr Strange and GotG meets they have had. But, and it’s a big but, if a new character becomes part of an existing ‘family’, Disney will lose the rights to use them. This is relevant as if GotG appear in the next Avengers film, which I believe they do, Universal may be able to claim they are part of that family, and so they have the rights to them and not Disney. Meanwhile, Disney are building a GotG ride…


It’s times like this I’m glad I’m a DC girl, not a Marvel girl!


Blasphemy! :slight_smile:

Shhhh…don’t tell! I do like Spider-Man, if that helps. :wink: