New map on Custom TP for HS?

Will the new map be updated based on yesterday’s closings at Hollywood Studios? I like to use the Touring Plans map in the parks, but I want to make sure I don’t plan to walk through areas that don’t exist and be forced to backtrack.

(Disney themselves didn’t update their online map quite correctly. While they renamed the Muppet Courtyard and put trees over all the closed areas, there are still blue pins identifying the closed attractions.)

That’s a good question. Tagging @len for you.

Thanks. Will we also need an update in walking times between rides? I suspect that my Midway to Muppets walk will be changed from what the plan currently estimates.

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think the map on my TP for HS for the end of April is updated. It doesn’t seem to include the parts of the park that closed.

I still see the Lights Camera Action stage at the top of the map.

Even in the parks that haven’t changed, I find the walking times to be the least useful aspect of TPs (e.g. telling me I can get from BTMRR to SM in under 10 min, on a CL 8 day, during a parade is crazy). TPs are a very good planning tool, but I think if anyone tries to follow one as a minute by minute schedule, they are setting themselves up for a lot of frustration. I know this from experience…

Yeah, we’re working on it. We shouldn’t route you through any closed area, because the walking times are based on things that are open.

Should have a new map in about a week or so.

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Glad to hear it. (Too late for me, though, my trip starts tomorrow.)