New Magic Kingdom Mornings Effecting Plans?

I just read this article about how the new Magic Kingdom Mornings are going to change how people should approach Magic Kingdom b/c it is going to change the whole flow of crowds as previously seen. (Jan. 2017)

Should I stay with my touring plan? Will plans start to take these new crowd flows into account?


I was there this past week, and it felt different. I’m not sure that I can quantify the difference or suggest anything to do differently though. I did enjoy the park entrance process more, because people were more spread out.

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Won’t the crowds just start closer to the rides now? Do you think being able to get onto MS early is really going to get people out of bed and there earlier? I’m not sure. I guess all those who were at RD and got sidetracked by Starbucks on the way to attractions previously will now be fully caffeinated and heading toward the attractions instead. Will be interesting to see how it works out with TP wait times in the future.

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My MK plan uses extra hours (8 AM) it has me hitting 7dwarves first thing, and at 8:09 it’s saying a 25 min wait. Should I keep it here and Fastpass it or FP it later in the day and head straight to SplMtn?