New Magic Bands upgrade finally Available

Just so you know, you can upgrade your Magicbands.
DD chose Elsa
DH chose Donald Duck
DS will choose when he gets back home from school. Update: he chose Stitch
I chose Daisy Duck

Are you thinking of upgrading yours or have you already? And which ones will your family get?

See you in DisneyWorld :wink:


I can´t do mine, Stitch keeps eating the page


I’ve got no intention of doing it but I’m going to log on and have a look later. I’ve already chosen a decal that I absolutely love and I can’t imagine I’ll prefer any of them - I’ve never particularly liked any that I’ve seen for sale before. But we’ll see!

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I tried to choose mine, but the site is currently rrrrreally glitchy. I’m going give it a couple hours to get sorted out.

Thanks for the heads up though!

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ty for this ~ but cant get in there either - system error - will try to log on later

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I couldn’t do it if I logged in through Europe or UK but I could logging in through the USA website.

Disney doesn’t have “glitches”. They have “Stitches.”



Yeah keeps saying “we were unable to complete your request” but thanks for the heads up

I’ve made my own. I have a red Mickey MB and I’ve switched out the Matthew puck from a regular MB I got last year as part of an on-property booking.

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and I get this - no Stitch





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I was lucky but I still have to order DS’s one so I hope it works when he comes back from school.


I’m getting the same system error message.

Looks like the whole world is going there all at once, let’s give it a couple days. my family is still 123 days out from our trip. it will wait.

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If you are like me and are just curious to see what is available check out this article from WDWNT

Magic Band available upgrades


Oh thanks! As suspected I don’t want any of them so I don’t need to bother.

I don’t think they have added anything new. They look to be the same ones they have had for a while. Only now they are offering them as $10 upgrades. But I bought a couple of those bands myself (not as upgrades) a few months back.

Not really a fan of most of them.

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Yeah, they said that’s what it’ll be back in their blog post a while back. Just now instead of it costing $25+ to get them, it’ll cost you $10 (not counting the limited ones). I feel this is a definite improvement.

The trouble with the MBs is that I never pay attention to them once I’m making my way through the parks until they either don’t work or cause some sort of effect. I nearly bought a skin/theme upgrade last time but I ended up passing because of that exact reason. But then I look at wrist watches with the same apathy.

I do like that Castle and Sorcerer mickey one though… Hmmmm

So, it was a little hard. I had to keep refreshing the page, but I was able to select my DS Magic Band. He chose Stitch.

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We passed on the upgrades. My guess is that the upgrade will be free in the next year or two. The upgrade price - even at $10 per - seems petty to me.

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