New liner wants advice

My husband and I are over 75 and going to WDW. I have been a Touring Plans member since 2007, but have never used Lines until now.
Background: 1) We usually go to WDW once a year.
2) We have relied on Personalized Touring Plans and Fast Passes.
3) Now we will be using the Lines app. It is on our phones and I have been pretending to use it. I love it!
4) What do I need to know?
Thanks for your help


Hi @calcprof and welcome!! We will be happy to help you!

I love that you’ve been using the app at home and pretending to be there using it.

There is so much we can cover with you. Do you have some specific questions?

When are you and your husband visiting?
Where are you staying?
What parks will you visit?
Have you already developed your personalized touring plans?


I use Lines nearly every day, for chat, just to keep up on what’s doing at WDW. I do that best on my laptop, using the web version, where I can type better, see more of the chats easier, and not run down my cell phone’s battery. I like to read the chat on my cell phone when killing time somewhere.

On my rare trips to WDW, then I use it for the current wait times (posted, expected, actual).

I’m not that experienced with using it to follow my plan while there, optimizing on the fly, etc. Not yet.

We will be there over Labor Day, with 6 day PHP tickets. We are staying at Pop.
I did make touring plans for each day, but they need to be updated. We will go to MK, AK and Epcot this trip.

Will you be using the app in the parks to access and optimize your touring plans?

yes, that is the plan

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The touring plans will not show a “done” button until the plan starts.