New level of genius . . . or further depth of insanity?

I’ve more or less been a good boy during the last week and not really looked at, or tinkered with, my Master Plan.

But two things have happened during the week. The first was thinking about what I’d do if – as happened on one day this week – my flight was cancelled. The second was discovering an FPP for FOP on a day I wasn’t planning on being at WDW at all (I was going to be at USF).

So tonight I’ve calmly opened up the Master Plan, and I now have three alternative plans for one of my days, and two alternative plans for another.

You can cancel my flight if you want, JetBlue, but you will not stop me getting to Happily Ever After – one way or another!


Have you remembered to account for what you’ll do if rain falls at twilight during a new moon? :slight_smile:


OK, that’s much better - calmly opening the plan, making a change because of a fortuitous event, and then putting it away again. You did put it away, didn’t you? :wink:

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Obviously I’ve thought of that!

[madly panics and restructures entire plan]

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Put what away?




I swapped three entirely separate days around, including adrs, tours and a booking in lilos clubhouse. 1 for a breakfast reservation. One because dinner kept clashing with ROL. One because it was annoying my husband that I was making him wait so many days to get to world showcase.

I get it.
Put it down.

Think of your alternative plans a week before you leave. Consider it part of the countdown if you like, something to do with all that nervous energy your likely to be producing just before you leave.

I’m more concerned about being bumped from my return flight and missing my connection back to Australia :unamused: glad it’s unlikely!


Step away from the plan!!
ADR’s - check
FP’s - check
Days planned - check
You’re done!
Any hiccups? Go with the flow, it will still be super magical :grin:
This is my planning! :+1::wink: