New idea: Cheap hotel suggestions

For our May 2020 trip, we have our house rental on Sunday, May 10, which coincides with Mother’s Day. As planned, however, we would be driving all day Saturday and all day Sunday.

So, my wife and I discussed the idea of taking 3 days instead of two days to drive down, making our second night stay be just a few hours from Orlando (perhaps the Valdosta, GA area) so that we can spend a good portion of the day at DS and having a nice Mother’s Day meal someplace on Disney property.

Anyhow, this got me to think about another alternative. Since this revised plan involves adding another hotel anyhow, what if we keep the two-day drive, but back it up a day. Arrive in Orlando on Saturday night, May 9 and stay at a hotel there.

We wouldn’t need an “on site” Disney hotel. But I’m wondering if anyone has experience with any of the “off site” hotels that grant the 60 day access to the FPP. For example, the Best Western Buena Vista is one that has 60 day FPP access, athough I’m not sure we could fit 5 of us in the rooms.

Using this year as a basis, a 1 bedroom suite at the Doubletree Suites for that Saturday night before Mother’s day is showing as about $150 for the night. A 5-Sleeper at Caribbean Beach (CB) shows as $185. If I’m not mistaken, in addition to to 60 day fastpass, staying at CB would also get you Magic Bands and EMH access for your entire stay.

Interesting. I’ll take a look.

Doing a little digging, I did notice that the aforementioned Best Western DOES accommodate 5 people. Price is probably also about $150 (all said and done), but no MBs.

This would be one night only, so it would merely give us access to the 60 days out (but not 60+length of stay).

Mousesavers has a good list of their “preferred” hotels, some of which are Disney Good Neighbor hotels (or whatever WDW calls the hotels that have additional benefits):

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Unfortunately, I can’t see such an offer. I’m guessing they are sold out of such rooms, so they aren’t showing up in the list of options. But that date is coming up pretty quickly. How did you see the pricing?

Yeah. I started there. But I wasn’t sure if those are the only hotels that have 60 day FPP, or if they are only the hotels that have deals with Mousesavers.

Funny you asked this, as I was just looking for 1 night close to/in DS. Priceline had 90 per night rates for Disney Springs hotel and looks like it would give you 60 day FPP

Those are ones that Mousesavers recommends because of quality and value - full criteria listed at:

Some of them have the additional WDW-specific benefits, but you have to click on the hotel details to find out. For example, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando – Disney Springs Area has the EMH and FPP benefits:

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Some of the conversation on this bled over into another thread. But since the trip is less than 499 days out, @Alewis678 suggested that I could call to book a room-only reservation on site.

My trouble now is just finding the cheapest possible option, which appears not possible using the website. I’m going to have to call them. (I despise calling. Hate it. Like, avoid it at all costs. So I have to build up some courage to actually make the call.)

If my wife is open to the idea, and I can find a good deal, perhaps I’ll pursue that route. But I’m just not sure I’ll find something in the price range I want. We shall see.

I called WDW this morning. Gotta say, I hated their phone system. Also hated the pressure tactics they seem to have immediately before I ever asked my question. I really hope I don’t need to deal with them on the phone too often.

Anyhow, I asked about pricing for the cheapest room on Saturday, May 9, 2020 that sleeps five people. The cheapest WAS the Caribbean Beach, but the price was quoted as $311.63 (plus the $19 parking fee).

He did say that the price would probably come down some when Disney puts out some deals. But some would have to be about 50%.

So, I guess staying on property is out. So, still looking at staying at one of the other non-Disney hotels as an option.

@ryan1. Seriously, try Priceline closer to your trip. I just booked one night at a DS hotel and it does give the 60 day FPP. There are apparently onsite Disney hotels on priceline as well (for much cheaper than Disney prices)

Yeah. I looked at the same day in 2019 at the DS hotels, and found that I could stay at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista (with 60 day FP) for $119 plus fees/taxes, which would make it more like $150. That will likely end up the way we go.

Only concern right now is that ALL of the DS hotels mention having 60 day FP access through the end of 2019. This makes me worry that Disney might not renew that privilege to the hotels in 2020. It is too early to book 2020, though, so hopefully they will extend it when it comes available to book.

BTW, I’ve never used Priceline. I thought services like Priceline don’t guarantee you a specific hotel when you agree to the price. So you might end up with a hotel that doesn’t offer the 60 day FP, no?


Priceline makes me nervous as well. I don’t want to book a non-refundable room and get something I don’t want.

That only applies when you Name your own Price and your bid is accepted. Priceline has fully-refundable options now too just like Expedia,, etc.

How recent is that? I was on a few weeks ago and saw a lot of non-refundable rooms. The refundable didn’t seem as good of a deal.

They’ve had refundable options for a while. You had said you didn’t want to get something you don’t want, so I was under the impression you thought Priceline was still like it was when it first started, when name your own bid, take your chances was the only option they offered.

Yeah, I saw the refundable ones, but I’ve gotten better than 10 percent or less they offer. The non refundable seemed to have the really good deals.

@ryan1 I stayed at Best Western Lake Buena Vista Easter 2017. Hated it. Pool was not very clean. AC in our room was not up to par. The elevators was terrible - I don’t think they were all working. The staff was not pleasant. The hotel was so bad that if my DH had been there, we’d have checked out after the first night. If POP is a 3 star hotel, this place was a 1 star. Speaking of POP… Magical Vacations travel can often get rates around $100/night… I use Kim.

I have a friend checking in at a Disney Springs hotel tomorrow. The name of the hotel escapes me right now. She’s going to give me a full report. I’ll be sure to inform you.