New HS Tiering... Really?

I’ve been reading the discussions regarding moving all the rides to Tier 1, but I finally made my first HS touring plan today.


I don’t get it. So I can rope drop ToT, get a FP for SDD… then what? We are NOT going to wait over an hour for the next ride, so it’s two rides, Indiana Jones and Muppet Vision and back to the hotel. Wow. Is this really the experience Disney wants it’s guests to have?


Tiers suck! I get it when a park had like 2 or 3 headliners only, in the past, but Disneys rectifying that. Tier at AK only, IMO.

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Or maybe 2 tier 1s an 1 tier 2…


I feel like the worst part is having to use the tier 2s, whether you want to or not. If you could book your tier 1 and take your chances on same day availability immediately afterwards, Disney wouldn’t be forcing you to waste your vacation time and/or game the system.

We’ve decided HS will be a half day for us. Plenty of attractions that appeal to one or two people in my family, but not enough for all of us together. I haven’t figured out my FP plan yet.


To me, I will treat HS the same way I treat EP. I will rarely get any FPs there. I might rope drop and do one or two attractions, and then hop to the park that I have prescheduled all of my fast passes. Or, maybe look to see if I can grab one after my initial three in MK or AK.


Pick a show, scan and exit. Or just wait to see if will expire, or just relax and watch the show.

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Word of caution. Expiring didn’t work for us a few weeks ago. I tried it in Epcot and AK when I just wanted to use up a FP both times. Long after the window, the FP was still there. I had to cancel, set up a new one so I’d be in the window and then go tap in to clear it. I took all 5 of our bands with me to do it rather than making our whole group go so it was obvious what I was doing. The CM even committed that expiring should have worked but doesn’t seem to be working in practice.


So you know you can ride without FPP right? Use your TP to get the shortest waits. The lousy waits will be for ASS and RNR I think But the rest will be quite manageable (not including SWGE here because it’s not eligible). I don’t like the new tiers but I don’t think it’s as disastrous as it seems on the face of it. Certainly not for us Liners.


Would love to hear from others in this. Haven’t heard this to date. Glitch or change in practice? Time will tell

My experience was they stayed visible but did not prohibit you from scheduling a 4th.

With everyone be restricted to one tier 1, I will be curious what DHS starts to look like with booking 4th FPP and so on. I’ve never had issues booking more tier 1s at EP on the day, and there are more options at DHS.

When I do it again, I’ll likely book muppets and Indy - RD and do my tier one FP. Then do shows, and while at Indy start working in lining up my next pass.


It will be really interesting to see what this does to crowd movement to. Most travelers will not understand the whole idea of tap in and go; so many people will be in the shows rather than out on the streets or in line for rides.


Yes. I said in my OP that we’re not fans of hour + lines.

74 minutes for TSMM. 45 minutes for ToT (on the edge of doable, but yuck). 90 minutes for (the new hypothetical) MMRR. I didn’t even try to include RNR or Star Wars stuff.

That qualifies as a disaster in my book. Two rides (at best) and then you walk into a buzzsaw… if that doesn’t qualify as a disaster, what would it take?


That’s my thinking. The only negative here is that Indy’s first showing is noon. I would have liked to have started booking FPP #4 a good hour or more before that, ideally.

Exactly… if my attempts above fail, this will be my approach. Making HS a half-day park… which is amazing when you think about it. HS has been removing attractions for years, it’s reduced to a half-day park, then then create two completely new lands quadrupling the number of headliners and with one fateful FPP tiering decision, they blow apart that improvement and it remains a half-day park.


I think something to keep in mind with wait times is that touring plans doesn’t have near enough data yet to truly predict what wait times are going to be like with the new fast pass system. It would be frustrating for me too, but predictions at this point are just simply not based on very much data so they might be pretty inaccurate and you may end up doing much better than what’s currently there.

ETA I would do lots of optimizing and evaluating between now and trip time to see how the data affects things as people start to track times with the new FPP tiers.


There’s always the option to skip the park :woman_shrugging: If I was as concerned about it as you seem to be, I would just skip it. I would figure my time is better spent elsewhere.

That said, I don’t think it will be the day you’re expecting. I suppose we won’t know until the change goes into effect.

It’s occurring to me now, too, that TP time predictions could be off as this will impact their data.


If Disney is going to put sooo many “long line wait” attractions in tier 1 but only let u choose 1, I think it actually hurts them. Its a huge hassle. Hopefully it does help wait times but I doubt it. Ive had this discussion with a friend and her theory behind this was that Disney was trying to make these parks 2-day visits like MK. I thought more along the lines of Disney was trying to keep people from making these half day parks.

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I’m not sure that’s why they are doing it. But one thing is certain: there is a method to this madness. Disney never does anything without a purpose or goal in mind.

Agreed. I would say, however, that Disney’s goals don’t always pan out. I’m hoping this experiment fails, they adjust the tiering… and that this happens before late April 2020!

The problem with HS, even with all the new new content (or perhaps in a sense BECAUSE of the new content) is that it’s too many chiefs, not enough Indians. They’re now stocked with Space Mountains, but devoid of It’s a Small Worlds. At HS, the shows are it’s IASW… but many customers are ride-centric, and pass on the shows, which kills the sort of park dispersion we know Disney aims at (huge ride lines, under-utilized show capacity).

Disney knows, as we now do, that FPP changes customer behaviour. A customer who, left to their own devices, would never attend the Little Mermaid show, might do so now because they’re sitting there with a force-fed FPP in their MDE.


I disagree. Though I suppose the things that come to mind for me are shows.

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