New Hours = 7 Dwarfs Mine Train FP+

I have been using this site for years to plan our Disney Trips and it has always been invaluable. Sometimes we go to stay and other times it’s just a day trip as my parents winter not too far from WDW. The whole family is headed down for Christmas and we are planning a day at MK. I used the crowd calendar to select our day, got our tickets, I made our FP+ right at 30 days and was relatively happy with what we got. I knew we wouldn’t be getting the coveted 7 Dwarfs at 30 days at this time of year. There were late night ones available 11 PM + but we have small children in our group so it’s unlikely we will stay that late. I had tracked the days as we were leading up to nailing down our specific day and was glad I did as crowd level changes led to a last minute change to our day. But I was never so glad as when I got an email from the tracker letting me know that the MK hours changed from a 9 am opening to an 8 am opening on our day. I immediately opened my app and swapped out our last set of FP+ for 8:15 am 7 Dwarfs! My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew have not been since this attraction was added so they really wanted to get to ride. I could hardly believe it, but it’s all thanks to this site and how much it can do for your planning. It’s worth every penny for the subscription right there for me, not to mention our customized touring plan I will have in hand that day too. So a huge THANK YOU to the team here for all they do and all the ways they help make our vacations magical!