New hope for an ADR for Sci-Fi

There were two ADRs I failed to get for December: S220 and Sci-Fi. I’ve been regularly checking but no luck so far.

Then I heard about the Fantasmic! dining packages and thought that could be my way in. ADRs open next week.

Interestingly, when I was doing my check on Sci-Fi just now, I noticed you cannot even search for ADRs after 5.30pm. So I guess they’re blocking those times off for the dining package?

Although the price of the package is a bit of a scam, it’s still cheaper than my current ADR at H&V.

In other news I found a VN ADR to fill the S220 slot.


HS has weirdly only had reservations open for booking until around 6pm for the first several days and them eventually it opens up til 8/9 whenever closing time is. Also most dining packages end several hours before the showtime so I doubt that’s what’s happening there either.

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I know how much you LOVE VN.

(Or, rather, I am surprised you booked it.)

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It’s because I’m a nice person. This trip is not all about me. I have my boys to think of.

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What’s VN?

Via Napoli.


I found two Sci-Fi times this week for our upcoming trip (next week) using the Res Finder. While that doesn’t answer your question about the potential blocking, I hope it does provide encouragement about last minute grabs.

I made a VN reservation without doing much research. Is it pretty good?

I didn’t think that the dining packages would let you eat “late” or close to the showtime.

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That’s a controversial subject. :slight_smile: For many, it is absolutely delicious, and for others, not so much. It is a matter of taste.

Their pizza is not your typical pizza. My wife and I each got different items, and hers was really good. Mine was fine…but nothing special, really. She got the “Quattro Formaggi Pizza” and I got the “Picannte Pizza” I believe it was.

I’ve only been once, so I can’t comment on other choices from the menu.

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Pizza often is. :joy:

Thanks for the info! Our youngest loves pizza so it’s for him more than anything.

We weren’t able to get S220 either for our December trip. I was iffy on it because of the cost, so not a huge deal. The other one I really wanted, but didn’t get was Story Book Dining. I know when we went in 2018 lunch was the only option for the Fantasmic Dining package at least at Mama Melrose.

You must have stolen mine! I’ve had it set for forever. :slight_smile: I got Sci Fi ressie at 60+ days but then switched my schedule due to a sold out MNSSHP night and haven’t been able to get one for this Saturday to replace it.

It wasn’t me! My reservation is for Tuesday. :slight_smile:

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I thought you hated VN?

Yes, but …

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Keep searching for Space 220. I checked several times a day and got one for the lounge the night before.

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Unrelated to the discussion at hand, the thread title makes me think of Star Wars.


Me, two!

Btw, Han shot first :sunglasses:

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Same here. Every time I see it.

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