New Holiday Discount for existing reservations?

Did any of you receive the Holiday Discount for an existing reservation? Our travel agent is MIA, I tried calling Disney and they can’t help me said our Disney Agent has to do it. Our booking falls within the new discount dates and we have no promotions so I am wishing and praying some Dixie Dust falls upon us and it’s not to late.

We have an existing reservation (actually 2 reservations since we have a split stay with 2 resorts) and we used a travel agent specializing in Disney. The travel agent emailed us about the discount but of course there seem to be problems! We would qualify for the discount at our second resort, but there is not availability for all of the nights we are staying there - only the last 2 nights. I guess the beginning of our stay there has no availability - so it would mean rebooking the last 2 nights as a seperate reservation, meaning we’d have a total of 3 room reservations (1 at the first hotel, 2 at the next). This then complicates our FastPass schedule even further, and I’m unclear on whether we’d be able to have the same room.

This seems like terrible customer service to me - why should we have to rebook, causing us to have an extra reservation? Why not just have us pay the set price when the discount is NOT available, but apply the discount on the nights when it is available? We booked our stay months ago & have paid deposits - to me, good customer service, from both the travel agent AND from Disney, should mean that they discounts are automatically applied, or if they are not automatic, then they are applied when available & the customer asks for them, which we have done. Nonsense that we would have to make a separate reservation to apply the discount!!

I agree! You should not have to rebook for a stay you already have reserved and deposit paid. I don’t understand why they can’t apply the discount to dates that apply. The agents should say up front if and when promotions are available you would have to rebook. I have only been told “they will apply” if and when possible.

If I recall correctly, the terms of the discounts say that they only apply to reservations where entire reservation falls within the discount period. As that is how the discounts are offered, their systems are set up accordingly so you have to make a “split stay” with two reservations if part of your original reservation falls outside the discount period and you still want to take advantage of the discount.

At the end of the day, I say “call the wambulance” - you are still going to WDW… :wink:

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For the record, my entire stay falls within the dates, and none are blacked out. I fully realize we are incredibly lucky to be going to Disney - but we have certainly made sacrifices to do so. I have no complaints about not getting the discount because availability is gone - my complaint is that the availability is there but they won’t apply it without making guests jump through the hoops of cancelling one reservation & rebooking to 2 stays, which also means affecting the FP eligible dates and requiring multiple deposits. I do have the opinion that most companies would prefer pleasing their guests rather than turning them off before they arrive, but perhaps that is just naive of me as a paying customer these days. To my way of thinking, it’s just the same as staying at a hotel starting on a weekday and going through a weekend - the weekday may be cheaper and the weekend may be more expensive. So you get charged the weekday rate for those nights & the weekend rate for the others, simple & understandable. My issue lies not in paying the full rate if all the discount availability is gone - my issue is that they won’t give a discounted rate when it IS available unless I turn my single reservation into 2 reservations - in my experience, this does not happen at other hotels or chains - they apply the discount where applicable and don’t apply it where it is not.

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My agent finally responded after my husband called the main number leaving a message we aren’t getting a response. She supposedly has been trying since yesterday to get the promotion applied to our stay, but with the VERY limited discounts Disney provides at the Contemporary there are no promotions available. She did tell me that Disney opens up more rooms in the value hotels than the others and she was able to secure only 2 of those. Great for those customers but stinks for me. It would of been almost a $700 savings. Yes I am still VERY happy that we are going to WDW.