New Here, Need Feasibility of Plan Feedback

I am visiting Disney World for the first time in 12 years. I’m actually on a business trip and will be by myself so I think I can tackle things fairly well since I’m still in decent shape and decent age. But overall, I have three partial days to visit Disney and the times aren’t negotiable because of company meetings.

I need your feedback if this is feasible or just insane.

I haven’t hit my fast pass window yet but my plan is as follows:

MGM Studios

August 14th Start at 6pm

Rock n’ Roller Coaster - Fast Pass Highest Priority
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Magic Kingdom

August 15th Start at 2pm

Order of rides:
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain - Fastpass 4:55pm est complete
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Fastpass Priority 5:40pm est complete
Big Thunder Mountain RR - Fastpass 6:10pm est complete
Hall of Presidents 7:15pm est complete
Space Mountain 8:45pm est complete
Carousel of Progress 9:15pm est complete
WDW Railroad 9:45pm est complete

Park Closes at 10:30pm, can ride rides until closing as long as your in line.

If one ride has to go, make it Space Mountain…


Book fast pass for flight of avatar at 11:15 to 12:35pm or consider
going to Animal Kingdom First (good rope drop chance if I run as there are no magic hours) arrive at 7:10am in Parking lot

August 16th Start at 9am open, arrive at 8:15

Spaceship Earth 9:25am est complete
Test Track - Fast Pass Highest Priority, if no fast pass go there first closes during/after rain 9:45am est complete
Soarin - only go if time permits 10:10am est complete

If time allows, Order for Animal Kingdom must leave epcot by 10:30

Starts at 11:00am

Flight of Passage - Avatar (try Fast Pass but if no fast pass, go to rope drop then reverse Epcot to later that day).

Must leave by 2:30pm for 5:20pm flight out of Orlando airport and rental car return, leave for parking by 1:45pm.

Others who have been more recently may have better feedback, but you might want to consider using the single rider line for RnR Coaster, and your Tier 1 fastpass for Tower of Terror. (I am going with my husband who doesn’t do coasters, so I’m approaching thrill rides a bit the same as a solo traveler–my strategy is to not use fastpasses on things that have single rider lines.)

Edit: You can probably also take advantage of Single Rider for Test Track.

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You can get fastpasses for both RRC and TOT since they are both tier 2 now. I think you would have a good chance of getting both especially for the evening.

Did you run your MK and Epcot plans through a personalized touring plan? That should give you an idea of how reasonable your timing is. HS should be doable and I think you are right to base AK on whether or not you get a FOP fastpass.

I love that you say MGM! Fast passes must be at least an hour apart. If I am reading it right you need to space them out more? Also, I think 7 Drawfs in day two , that early, may be a challenge. I actually think it is a better ride at night.

Whoops, it’s been 12 years. I forgot about the MGM to Hollywood studios change. I might move dwarfs to the night if I can. I’ll have to see what I can get. I have not ran through a touring plan yet, will have to check that feature out. Thanks to those who have responded so far.

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