New Here- Intro and ISO Tips for Upcoming Adults-Only Trip!

Hi all!
My name is Jennifer and I’m new to Touring Plans and this forum so I wanted to take a minute and say hi :smile:
My husband and I just booked our first wedding anniversary to DLR and will be staying at the DLH in a premium view room at the concierge level (gotta splurge a little, right?). We’re going sans-children (yay!) and have plans to take in a WoC Dining Plan at the Trattoria, as well as a Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour.
We have 3-day park hopper tickets and hope to take full advantage of the Extra Magic Hour during our trip! We’re going the second week of April and hope that the spring breakers have since gone back to school by then.

Just wanted to say hi and maybe bump into some others that will be visiting during that time. Any tips to make our anniversary trip extra special??

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Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the Forum!! I wish I could answer your question, but I haven’t been to DLR in a long time. I hope you have a great trip!!

Thank you so much! I love reading all the threads and expanding on my basic (but love-filled!) knowledge of Disney :smile:

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You’ll be able to catch the Food & Wine Festival in DCA. We went when they used to have it, and had a great time. I’m disappointed we won’t be able to be there this year for it. Hopefully our first Disney World trip will make up for it. :wink:
Make sure and stop into Trader Sam’s for a drink. It’s a lot of fun to see the things that certain drinks “unlock”. The Napa Rose lounge is a relaxing place to go for a glass of wine. We like sitting out on the patio with the fire pit.

Thank you so much @kjwith24! I completely forgot about the Food and Wine festival! We’ve never been and I think it would be the perfect adults-only activity, to be able to partake and enjoy a relaxing time in a fun environment. Such a great suggestion, thank you!
We’re definitely looking forward to hitting up Trader Sam’s, too. I think that the day we check in, we may get a cabana for the afternoon and laze poolside before our go-go-go 3-Day Hopper.

Carthay Circle lounge is a great place to decompress a little also. The whisky flight is a favorite of my DH after a long day in DCA. You are making me “home” sick. We usually go to Disneyland 3-5 times a year, but are skipping it this year for our first trip to WDW.

Ohh whiskey flight sounds wonderful and so adultlike, I love it! I think my DH would too, thanks for the suggestion! Enjoy your WDW trip, that’s SO exciting!!

You might enjoy the new dessert party at World of Color. It’s pricey, but also allows a seat for World of Color. And you DID say you were splurging :slight_smile:

I just saw that it was released, thank you! My husband might enjoy that, as he’s huge on sweets. We have a WOC dining package booked at Wine Country… I wonder if one’s better than the other.

I recommend a stop at the Cove Bar. The food is excellent, the drinks are fun and the view of Paradise Pier is fantastic. Cove Bar opens at 11am, and there can be quite a line (even with the recently-added additional seating). Depending on your schedule, I recommend getting in the queue around 10:40am so you can get seated right when it opens and have an early lunch. There’s even a secret drink menu:

Don’t forget to get your Anniversary buttons from your hotel concierge or the information booths at either park. And if you let them know you’re celebrating when you make your dining reservations, you may find a little pixie dust with your meal.

Have a great time! And Happy Anniversary!