New HEA Dates but No Dessert Party Announced

Good morning everyone, I am heading to the Magic Kingdom the last week of Sept. Initially we planned to do HEA and the Dessert Party on Wed. because that was the only day that it would be available while we are there. On Friday I got an email that Disney added HEA to the Thursday we are there (works out great, gives the kids an extra day off between MK days), I called the phone-line to get my Wed. reservation changed to Thurs. but they said the dessert party was not showing up as an option that day. I looked online and that Thurs. was not available like the cast member told me on the phone. Is it that the system just hasn’t made the party available because the change to schedule is so recent or is it possible they aren’t doing the party that day or its all booked up already?

I would guess that they haven’t loaded the new dates for the dessert party yet, since there seems to be a delay with that sometimes. Just keep checking back online and/or call!