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I tried to find a thread about this but could not find one, I apologize if I am duplicating! Taking my 3 and 5 year old to Disney for the third time in September - so excited! I am pretty good at the whole fast pass and touring plan thing and am pretty familiar with attractions and what we need to do. However, I know there is a lot of new Frozen stuff since we were there in February of 2015, can someone give me a rundown of the new Frozen attractions available and any tips i need to know in advance as far as reserving, planning, where to sit, etc? Have a little girl with Frozen fever and I don’t want her to miss anything. Thank you in advance!

On an unrelated note - I might go to sleepy hollow with some chicken and start making the fried chicken waffles myself. So disappointing!!

The new Frozen attractions are in Norway at Epcot. Frozen ever after (the ride) is scheduled to open June 21st. FP’s are already open for it and with it being new they will be hard to get so if it’s important I’d try to get that one before anything else.

The Anna & Else meet and greet is also moving back to Epcot from the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, at least for now, there is not going to be any FP’s for this so it will be standby only. Hopefully they have something in mind to prevent the 4 hour wait times that they had the last time they were in Norway.

There is also a new Olaf M&G at HS and he is standby line only at this point.

Other than that it’s most just a few face lift and shop overhauls in the Norway pavilion.

@Outer1 Outer covered most of the Frozenness in the park, though I think Anna and Elsa will also be appearing in the new stage show at Magic Kingdom (I guess they’ll just ran back and forth between there and Epcot really quickly!). I’m not sure when that’s supposed to start, but I guess it’ll be running by September.

I’m not yet sure what the best strategy will be for seeing the new ride. I know there will initially be a big rush for everyone to try it out, but that may settle down a little by the fall. There’s also the new version of Soarin that will be running by then and folks won’t be able to get FPP for both. Then, there’s also the question of how long it’ll take to get to the back of the park to the Norway pavilion (with two little ones I’m guessing you probably won’t move as fast as some folks). If you’ll be ok with just one ride, then FPP will work fine, but if you think your kids might want to ride multiple times, then I’d guess you have to try to be front of the line at RD and still likely have a sizeable wait for your second ride. Of course, we’ll see what happens once the actual wait times start being reported.

I’m interested in this topic as well, as we’ll be heading to WDW in early/mid July w/ a Frozen fan.

So far, I’ve found the following:

In Epcot, there is the new Frozen Ever After ride (opens on 6/21 w/ FP+ option) and the new A&E Meet-and-Greet (w/ no FP+ option apparently). I’m trying to get around the lack of a FP for the meet-and-greet by having a pre-park opening ADR at Akershus and will let you know whether I am able to get us to the meet-and-greet line in advance of the RD crowd. I don’t want us to have to scarf down our food and miss out on some of the princesses at the Akershus breakfast just to end up in a long line for A&E, but we’ll have to see how it goes. If anyone else tries this in late June/early July, please let me know how it worked for you.

In MK, A&E will be in the Festival of Fantasy Parade, and can be seen in the Royal Friendship Faire show which opens 6/17. (If anyone finds out the times for this show, please let me know. I don’t think they’ve released this info. yet and I’m starting to take the lack of information about Frozen-related stuff during the month of July personally.) BBB in both MK and Disney Springs is now offering Frozen makeovers w/ Anna or Elsa hairstyling. (The upcharge from the typical Crown package is staggering though. I’m going to do my best to steer my daughter away from this option.)

In HS, there is the Frozen Sing-ALong show (w/ FP+ option), which I’ve heard good things about, and the new Olaf meet-and-greet (no FP+ for this). (I’ve heard lines have been surprisingly short for Olaf, but that may change once more people realize he’s there.) HS also has a Frozen-themed gift shop called Frozen Fractal Gifts.

In Blizzard Beach, they are offering some Frozen-themed activities which are included w/ park admission.

One question I have is that, while I’ve heard that people have been able to book FP+ for the Frozen Ever After ride during all park hours for dates between its official opening on 6/21 and 6/27, after late June, there are no FP+ for FEA during the hours from 9-11 a.m. I booked my FP+ for 7/8 at 11:05 a.m. w/in minutes after they first offered FP for the new ride, and that was the earliest time available. I’ve seen others mention this on other Disney boards, so I know it’s not just me. Since I’m planning to do PPO breakfast, then meet-and-greet at RD, we will then have to leave World Showcase b/c the standby line for FEA will likely be ridiculous and nothing else will be open there, hit up a few things in Future World, then head back to World Showcase to use our FEA FP. I would prefer to do the Frozen stuff all at once rather than zig-zag around that huge park multiple times.

Does anyone know why there are no FP+ available for FEA between 9-11 a.m. in July? I read a rumor that they might offer a package in the a.m. w/ ride, meet-and-greet and breakfast, but maybe they are just going to do a standby line for the ride during the morning hours after June, or maybe they are just doing an experiment w/ 9-11 a.m. standby for July.

Also, does anyone know whether A&E will meet in their classic costumes or in their “Frozen Fever” costumes. I’ve heard conflicting rumors about this, but it seems to make sense to me that they’d be in their summer costumes since they are meeting at their “Sommerhaus”.

I have Meet Anna and Elsa at MK in my touring plans for August…are they going to be at both MK and Epcot? Just got concerned since you wrote ‘moving back’ :open_mouth:

They are leaving MK in June. Around the 17th I think.

What @rebeccasisson said is correct from everything that has been announced so far. I don’t believe they will still be available in MK after June 17th.

So glad I saw this thread so I can adjust my plan before the day I book my fast passes! I would be mega stressed if that were the case!

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I have heard the same about A&E leaving MK this summer to move to Epcot.
Does anyone know what FP+ tier the Frozen ride will be? I seriously hope they’re not going to throw that into the tier 1 mix w/ Soarin and TT…I hate the way Epcot does that.

The FP for the frozen ride is already open and it is indeed a tier 1 attraction. Keep in mind there is no current plans to offer FP for the meet and greet, it will be standby only.

How did I miss that?! Lol, thanks. So both TT and Soarin’ are still going to be tier 1 right? Not too concerned w/ the meet and greet…my daughter (now 10) did the meet and greet last year and the year before at MK (one w/ FP and one at MVMCP w/no wait) so we’re not going to prioritize that this year but I’m sure she’ll want to check out the ride!

Yes all of those are tier 1 attractions so it’ll be a bit of juggling if you want to see all 3 in one day. We spend the most time at Epcot each trip so we’ll just do one each day lol.

That’s perfect! I’m pretty Epcot is just a one day thing for us this trip so we’ll see how it goes b/c they both want to do TT too. Although I would like to check out the Frozen ride…hopefully since people have to choose between the lines won’t be INSANE (wishful thinking perhaps…).
Would you recommend FP+ for Soarin and SB for TT or vice versa? We definitely won’t be there at RD.

Ohhh without being there at RD I guess I’d recommend FP for Soarin since the new movie is likely to make it very busy for awhile.

Any chance you’d be willing to use the single rider line at TT that would make it a lot more workable plan.

That’s sort of what I thought!
Never done the single rider line, how exactly does that work if all 4 of us want to do TT?

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When you get to the front of the line as they have parties with odd numbers of people from the regular line they use the single rider line to fill in the gaps. That means you could end up riding in separate cars but you’ll still be very close to one another as there is often one or two spots in any given car. Then you just all meet up at the exit. It kind of messes up the ride pictures as you likely wouldn’t all be in the same one but the wait time is usually way less than the regular line and totally worth it.

If there was only one spot in the car could we let the people behind us go and see if the next car has at least two?

[quote=“haylekk, post:17, topic:24029, full:true”]
If there was only one spot in the car could we let the people behind us go and see if the next car has at least two?[/quote]

No, if there are two spots, then they won’t pull anyone from the single rider line, unless they haven’t taken any single riders in a long time (and the CM who’s in charge of sorting remembers that). Once in awhile things work out where you can switch places with someone else while you’re in then pen right before you get into a car. I’ve switched places with people so a mother and child could sit together before, but you can’t be sure that will work out. Most likely, you’ll end up in different cars.

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If going single rider, you need to expect different cars. TT has 2 rows of 3 - so the single rider line fills in for any groups of 2 that need an extra to fill out a row. If you have 2 adults and 2 kids, send an adult first, then the kids, then the last adult - that way when the line dumps out there’s an adult waiting on the kids, but also one behind in case something odd happens (like Junior decides they don’t really want to ride sitting next to a stranger). It’s a great time saver, but you have to expect to not be sitting with family at all…

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OK thanks, good to know, I have no experience w/ single rider and wasn’t quite sure how it worked! Doesn’t look like it’ll be an option for us, we’d like to sit together but more so aren’t going to send the kids alone!

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