New frozen attraction confirmation!

Sorry if this has been posted- wanted to throw up the link!

Three keys:
- Maelstrom replacement expressionless
- Frozen summer fun elements extended
- Anna and Elsa will meet in Epcot again


I just read that- was kinda hoping they would announce something like... "Will now meet at Akershus" or some such too. Staying tuned!!

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inevitable. hoping they don't mess this up.

looks like the girls will be meeting at both EP and MK... hopefully this will help spread out those crowds..


If Maelstrom closes on Oct 5, when can we expect the new ride to open? Is there any data from previous rides being replaced to use as an estimate?

I've read in a few places early 2016.

it says in the article on Disney parks blog, early 2016. that seems crazy long to me (well maybe not considering how many years it took to build the mine train). But seriously, a year and a half for an indoor ride?? that seems nuts.

And, early 2016 could mean anything really. So, maybe 2 years? And, I'd bet they've already burned a bunch of time planning. Mine train was all new. This uses existing infrastructure a la Test Track and 3 Caballeros. Think those were around 1.5yrs. Could be wrong but think Universal built DA (a whole new land) in less time.

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Thanks, I was hoping it would be done before Frozen Fever was released (We're there mid Feb '15), but I guess that was naive on my part.