New FPP reservation system

Just had my first go at it this morning and love it! So much more user friendly than the old system. Probably helps that I got all of what I was going for (ie NOT FEA!)


I think I did a little more prep for it. I wrote everything down and the time I wanted but like @OBNurseNH said, I had no problem getting everything I wanted. I will admit I did t even look to see if FEA was available since all I wanted was Soarin. I do wish EE was available past 8:00 since ideally I would have liked Safari too close to that time but I knew it was an issue and adjusted my plans.

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This is good to know. 14 days until I do these.

I liked it, until the entire WDW site started lagging, then shut down completely for a short time! I got Frozen, Toy Story, and 7DMT before it went sideways, though, and it was much easier to make 1 reservation for half of the group, then make something different for the other half at the same time, too.

I may have been a little excited


I got the FEA I wanted, but did it first right at the crack of 7:00. I hope in the future they show times that “work” with existing choices and choices that require modification of earlier choices.